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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

ADRA Forced to Move 2nd Event of 2001 Season to Cordova

By Don Ewald

Due to an un-resolvable insurance issue with the drag strip at Lena, MS. the American Drag Racing Association has been forced to relocate its "Ole South Reunion", the second event on their 14 race 2001 schedule. The event has been moved to the historic and spacious Cordova Dragway Park in Cordova, Illinois. The race dates remain the same, May 18th through the 20th. A new event name will be announced soon.

ADRA President, Bill Chapman explained the change of venue at a press conference in Gardnerville on Wednesday, March 28, 2001. "Needless to say, relocating of our second race of the season wasn't in the game plan. But due to an unforeseen flaw at the track in Jackson, we had no other choice but to move the event to Cordova. As everyone knows, ADRA has secured the best possible insurance for our events and when a host track fails to meet our rigid insurance standards, we simply cannot race there.

Believing all things happen for a reason, we feel that Cordova Dragway Park is not only a better venue overall, but one that will offer ADRA racing to a much broader fan base. We are looking forward to working with Scott & Laura Gardner at a track that's steeped in history and tradition. Although we apologize to the fans in the Mississippi region, we're sure the folks in the Midwest will be thrilled with the move. Besides, we have several other events scheduled for the southern regions later in the season."

Cordova has played a key role in drag racing history for over 40 years. Although the track itself has gone through myriad changes over time, the memories and legends remain. Since the 1960s this fabled quarter mile has been graced by every great name the sport has ever known. ADRA classic drag racing will not only rekindle the memories of these legends but also write a new chapter in the lengthy book about one of the few remaining "classic" drag strips left in the world.

For more information regarding the Cordova event or the American Drag Racing Association you can find it on the web at www.ADRARacing.com or call (800) 245-6545. National and regional media contact: Realife Marketing (775) 425-0429.

Contact: Don Ewald
Director of Media and Racer Relations
(541) 955-7130 or (800) 245-6545


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