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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Shirley Muldowney To Race At Indy

By Jon Asher

LOS ANGELES, CA - Ashley Power, the 15-year-old Southern California teenager "responsible" for the phenomenal success of the teen-oriented website, Goosehead.com, today announced that her company will sponsor the return of four-time World Champion Shirley Muldowney to the NHRA Winston drag racing series. The first woman to be licensed to drive a Top Fuel dragster, and the most honored driver in the history of drag racing, the three-time NHRA champion’s return will come during the prestigious NHRA U.S. Nationals over Labor Day Weekend at Indianapolis Raceway Park in Indiana.

"I can’t begin to tell you how excited we all are to have Shirley representing us," said Ms. Power during a press conference at Goosehead.com’s headquarters in Studio City. "I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of drag racing before meeting Shirley, but I’d heard numerous stories of her efforts to break into the sport some years ago, and I was impressed. I know Shirley has received all kinds of awards and honors down through the years, but I’m still not sure that she’s been given enough credit for her accomplishments.

"All through her racing career she was told she couldn’t do this, or she couldn’t do that, but each and every time she proved her detractors wrong, which I can relate to, because I heard the same things in building Goosehead.com. "We believe she’s an exceptional role model for women of all ages, and that certainly includes all of my friends who’re involved with Goosehead.com."

Muldowney last competed in an NHRA Winston series national event in 1998 in Texas, but has remained active with appearances in match races as well as on the IHRA national event circuit. She recently set that organization’s all-time speed mark with run in excess of 319 miles per hour at the Amalie Oil Summer Nationals in Cordova, Illinois, where she was also the Number 1 qualifier with an elapsed time of 4.741 seconds. She’d previously set a new track record at the Grand Bend Motorplex in Ontario, Canada with a speed of 310.13 miles per hour on her way to a runner-up finish in the Mopar Parts Canadian Nationals.

"I enjoyed racing on the IHRA circuit," said Ms. Muldowney from her home in Armada, Michigan via telephone, "but I’m really looking forward to racing at Indy. There’s no other race like the NHRA U.S. Nationals, and I’m proud to have been the only woman to have ever won a professional title there (in 1982). Rahn (Tobler, Muldowney’s husband and crew chief) and I would like nothing better than to have an impact on this year’s points race, and I think we can do that with a good showing at Indy.

"When I first heard from Ashley, and she began to tell me about Goosehead.com I was immediately interested. Believe me, this young woman is truly something special. She’s taken the concept of a teen-oriented web site and made it into a very special ‘meeting place’ for young people, but it’s really a lot more than that.

"It’s really an honor for me to be representing Goosehead.com at Indy, and while I certainly hope all of our fans will be there, for those that can’t make it there’s going to be special coverage of our activities on Goosehead.com every day during the Nationals. I won’t try and fool anyone about my computer knowledge, which is pretty slim, but I’ve been getting a crash course from Ashley, and when you surf through the site you’ll be blown away at how neat it is, and Ashley gets the credit for that."

In addition to the web operation, Goosehead.com has just signed a contract with MGM Television to take its first web series entitled "Whatever" to broadcast television. In addition, talks are underway between Ashley and her advisors and several television networks to develop a program tentatively titled "Goosehead TV," which will be a teen-oriented music and talk show. Ms. Power was instrumental not only in the development of both program concepts, but has already written the scripts for several episodes, which are currently viewable as streaming video at Goosehead.com.

Qualifying for the 16-car U.S. Nationals Top Fuel field begins with an evening session on Friday, September 1, with additional qualifying runs taking place Saturday and Sunday. Eliminations commence at 11:00 AM Labor Day Monday morning.

For Additional Information, Contact:
Pat Galvin (818) 766-8848


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