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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Nitro at Night

By James Morgan

Ivanof vs Johnson at Night 1980. Photo by James Morgan

OK man, these two pictures are not for viewing! That's right, ya gotta feel them. Close your eyes and take yourself back to 1980 or so. You’re at some back woods Drag Strip. You've paid your 12 bucks and you wanna see some action. It's a steamy summer night and through the glow of the bluish mercury vapor lamps, you can see the humidity hanging in the air. 

Ten thousand fellow nitromaniacs have joined this little party and the place is rockin'. Smells in the air include Goodyear rubber, bug spray, Nitromethane, chrysanthemum' n Colombian gold. The entire world (and reality) stops for six seconds as Kosty Ivanoff and Rick Johnson blast through the darkness. Man it just don't get any better n that!

Burgin vs Segrini at Night 1980. Photo by James Morgan

Oh yeah! Things are happening now. California vs. Massachusetts, East versus West, Burgin vs. Segrini, "Orange Baron" vs. "Super Brut." Loud? Deep Purple sounds like a polka band compared to these things ripping through the countryside! Let the noise fill your brain! The smells take over the environment! At the nearby farm, the chickens are laying square eggs! For a moment in time, Epping, New Hampshire, becomes the center of the universe for 10,000 Nitro starved fanatics. 

As the cars clear the traps, a roar of hoots n hollers erupts from the faithful. They don't care what the times are, they don't care about the speeds, for six seconds the world rotated towards a little known patch of asphalt in New England, and the attending throng appreciates it for what it was... Six seconds of motorsports madness unequaled anywhere else. Long live Nitro match racing!

James Morgan


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