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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

History: The Super Camaro Funny Car

By Perry Wyatt, Jr.

Hi everyone. We recently received this Story of the Day entry from Perry Wyatt, Jr., son of one of the owners of the Super Camaro funny car. We love getting this kind of email. If we had one of these from every racing son or daughter out there, our lists would be amazing! Thanks, Perry. bp

I just came across the list of quickest all time funny car runs and for kicks, I thought I would scroll down through the list. To my delight # 690 was the one I was hoping to see. I would like to update some of the info missing from that line. Ray Gallagher was the driver and he and my father Perry Wyatt were the owners. I was 9 years old at that time. The Entry was the Super Camaro. The engine was a 427 Chevy, not a Chrysler. The model year was 1969 and the state was MI. Please accept this info with all due respect. 

I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am to see anything in reference to this car; it has made my day. Gallagher had crashed the Top Cat Dragster and then had Tom Smith of Wolverine chassis build a new funny car called Super Bear. He and my father then partnered in 1969 and had Tom Smith build the 1969 Camaro called Super Camaro. This is the funny car you reference on line 690. 

After the Super Camaro was run in 1970, my father and Ray dissolved their partnership. Ray then had Woody Gilmore Build a 1971 Mustang called Trader Ray, however he never drove it. He hired Duane Ong to drive the car. There were three Trader Ray cars, a new one each year 1971, 1972, and 1973. The Super Camaro was the last funny car Ray ever drove and the Trader Ray car is the last funny car Duane Ong ever drove and you have listed at # 378 a 6.47 that was run in 1973. I hope some of this info is helpful to update your records. 

Also, If anyone has any pictures of the Super Camaro I would love to talk to you. The Super Camaro was Candy Apple Red and said Gallagher and Wyatt below the windows of the doors. It was run during the 1970 season and I know it ran at Detroit Dragway. Also, they ran at Kansas City, MO. Possibly at Motor City Dragway. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 


Perry S. Wyatt, Jr.


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