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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Force, Dixon Lead Mac Tools U.S. Nationals Testing At IRP

By NHRA.com

CLERMONT, Ind. -- John Force and Larry Dixon posted the quickest runs in their respective categories to open testing Tuesday for the 47th annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at Indianapolis Raceway Park. NHRA Teams are preparing for the world's most prestigious drag race, to be held Labor Day weekend (Aug. 29-Sept. 3). The $2.6 million race, which will feature over 11 hours of coverage by ESPN and ESPN2, is the 18th of 24 events in the $50 million NHRA Winston Drag Racing Series.

Force powered his Castrol GTX Ford Mustang to a 4.819 second run, quicker than the existing 4.885 second track record for Funny Car set by Tommy Johnson Jr. in 1999, with a speed of 309.59.

Force teammate Gary Densham posted the second quickest run, a 4.886 effort with the day's top speed of 316.23. WWF Racing's Jerry Toliver logged the third-best attempt at 4.896, 290.41 in an unpainted Pontiac Firebird. Scotty Cannon clocked in at 4.918, 315.67 in his Oakley Firebird.

Winston points leader Dixon drove his Miller Lite dragster to a shut-off run of 4.714 at 259.21 for the day's best quarter-mile performance in Top Fuel. Kenny Bernstein, currently second in the Winston point standings, clicked his Budweiser King dragster off at the 1,000-foot mark and posted a 5.024 at 205.05. Defending Top Fuel winner Tony Schumacher made several launches, but his best result was an eighth-mile performance of 3.208 at 218.39 in the U.S. Army Dragster. Andrew Cowin's K&N dragster lost traction immediately at the start during his only attempt.

Ron Krisher clocked the best performance in Pro Stock, driving his Eagle One Chevy Cavalier to a 6.893 at 200.53. Fellow Cavalier driver V. Gaines also dipped into the 6.8s, posting a 6.896 at 200.26. Greg Anderson pulled double-duty, driving George Marnell's Pontiac Grand Am (6.905, 199.60) and his Marnell-Humphrey sponsored Pontiac Firebird (6.907, 200.44).

Steve Johnson was the only Pro Stock Motorcycle competitor to participate in the test. He powered his K&N Suzuki to a 7.327 at 180.75. Don Smith recorded the quickest Pro Stock Truck lap, covering the distance in 7.481 at 180.21 in a Chevy S-10.

Testing continues Wednesday at 9 a.m. 

CLERMONT, Ind. - Tuesday's pre-race testing results for the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at Indianapolis Raceway Park. The following shows each driver's best elapsed time and speed. NHRA teams are using the test in preparation for the 47th annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals, Aug. 29-Sept. 3. The $2.6 million race, the most prestigious drag race in the world, is the 18th of 24 events in the $50 million NHRA Winston Drag Racing Series. Testing continues Wednesday.


Larry Dixon, Miller Lite Dragster 4.714 / 259.21 
Kenny Bernstein, Budweiser King Dragster 5.024 / 205.05 
Tony Schumacher, US Army Dragster 5.638 / 162.80 
Andrew Cowin, K&N Dragster no time / no speed 

John Force, Castrol GTX Ford Mustang 4.819* / 309.59 
Gary Densham, Castrol/Auto Club Mustang 4.886 / 316.23* 
Jerry Toliver, WWF Racing Pontiac Firebird 4.896 / 290.41 
Scotty Cannon, Oakley Firebird 4.918 / 315.67 
Tommy Johnson Jr., Skoal Camaro 4.920 / 304.67 
Tony Pedregon, Castrol Syntec Mustang 4.936 / 279.93 
Frank Pedregon, Checker Schuck's Kragen Firebird 4.979 / 253.16 
Whit Bazemore, Matco Tools Firebird 4.998 / 300.50 
Johnny Gray, Nitro Fish Firebird 5.280 / 184.87 
Del Worsham, Checker Schuck's Kragen Firebird 5.329 / 176.36 
Jim Epler, NAPA Chevy Camaro 5.418 / 201.52 
Ron Capps, Skoal Camaro 5.873 / 154.26 
Jim Epler, Sunoco Chevy Camaro 6.370 / 143.01 

Ron Krisher, Eagle One Chevy Cavalier 6.893 / 200.53* 
V. Gaines, Western Motorsports Cavalier 6.896 / 200.26* 
Greg Anderson, Marnell Racing Pontiac Grand Am 6.905 / 199.60 
Greg Anderson, Marnell-Humphreys Firebird 6.907 / 200.44* 
Hurley Blakeney, Blakeney Racing Ford Mustang 6.917 / 199.02 
Brad Jeter, Schmidt Racing Grand Am 6.931 / 198.76 
Warren Johnson, GM Goodwrench Grand Am 6.935 / 199.55 
Jim Yates, Splitfire/Peak Grand Am 6.949 / 198.67 
Tom Martino, Century 21 Grand Am 6.950 / 199.24 
Barry Grant, BG Racing Oldsmobile Cutlass 6.951 / 198.15 
Robert Patrick, Purvis Mustang 6.940 / 197.71 
Ray Franks, Profiler Cavalier 6.966 / 198.54 
Mark Pawuk, Summit Racing Grand Am 6.968 / 197.54 
John Nobile, Nobile Trucking Cutlass 6.977 / 197.54 
Arturo Delgado, Delgado Motorsports Cavalier 7.013 / 197.02 
Ben Watson, Watson Racing Firebird 7.046 / 196.24 

Steve Johnson, K&N Suzuki 7.327 / 180.75 

Don Smith, Texas Harley-Davidson Chevy S-10 7.481* / 180.21* 
Randy Daniels, Bailey Trucking S-10 7.532* / 179.49* 
Scott Perin, NAPA Development S-10 7.579 / 178.99* 
Scott Tidwell, CBI S-10 7.550 / 178.57* 
Jeff Naiser, Naiser Racing S-10 7.561 / 178.64* 
Rocky Bogdon, CertainTeed S-10 7.606 / 177.51* 

Rickie Smith, Herbert Performance Parts Dodge Viper 6.300/221.78 

* Denotes performance better than the current track record for that category.

-- NHRA.com


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