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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Keith Black and the Kid

By Frank Oglesby

For quite some times during the ‘70s and ‘80s, if you were a Keith Black parts customer you could rent space inside KB's fenced lot next to the shop. We kept our rig there several times. During one of our winter visits, KB bought a new Mercedes. He told us this was the first thing he had ever bought for himself instead of putting the money back into the business. Being quite proud of his new toy, Keith invited some of us to ride with him to lunch.

There were four of us: KB, me, Roland Leong, and, I think, Holly Hedrick. We all were milling around the Mercedes getting ready to go when this kid on a bicycle rides up and starts talking to KB about a job after school cleaning up the shop. We all get in. KB turns the key and nothing happens. Another couple of tries, but nothing. We all get out and open the hood, looking for the battery. No battery there. We try the trunk. No battery there either. Someone suggested it might be like an early ‘Vette -- under the rear floorboards. So we start to look there as well. 

In the meantime, while we are opening all doors, hood, and trunk and taking up the rear carpets, this kid on the bicycle is calling, "KEITH! KEITH!" After a few times of that Black turns to the kid. "WHAT?" Kid says, "You know you have to have it in park or it won't start." KB climbs in and starts the car. We close the hood and trunk, climb in, and then we just sit there (motor running) not looking at one other. Four hero tuners (OK, OK, three heroes and me). After another minute or so, KB looks around to everyone and says, " I would really appreciate it if we just kept this our little secret."



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