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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Drivin' for The Greek

By Pat Foster

Ron O'Donnell, Norm Weekly, and I all drove the Chris "The Greek" Karamesines' Fuller funny car. I can't remember in which exact order, but I do KNOW that Norm and O.D. can relate to this.

You're a kid stumblin' around the Midwest in the late ‘60s or early ‘70s, driving race cars whenever you can, most likely starvin' on occasion, but just gotta live your dream. Then, when you're about to chuck it all and get a real job, the fabled "Golden Greek" says to you, "Hey kid, ya wanna drive my funny car on tour?" Are you sh*tin' me? Just point me to the rainbow, you say. You cut your deal (you would pay HIM, if need be), sit down, go over the dates for the hot rod, and so on. 

You get the truck ready, likewise the car and you're ready. Stand back -- this is gonna be bitchin'... You get with Chris and he lays out your supplies and spare parts to start the "Tour." The supplies are ten shop towels, half a case of Kendall 60 weight, and a pre-mixed (80%) supply of enough nitro to make the match race or two you have booked (if you don't warm her up too long). 

Ahhh! Now to the spare parts (stored in a single milk crate): one intake rocker, one head gasket, two valve springs, one used blower belt, and a few more shop towels. You look at Chris and go, "What the f**k!?" He smiles and says he's been racing like that for 20 years; what's the problem? No problem, and off you go. The Greek -- what a beauty. Chris was not cheap – he really thought everyone could race the way he did. He forgot he was "The Greek" and he could make next round no matter what HE needed -- there would be a line at his trailer to loan him anything, up to and including a spare car if needed!

Now, I'm not puttin' down the old man. I lived out back of his house and I drove for him. But this was just a taste of how we raced ‘em in the old days.

"Sit Low"
Pat Foster


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