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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

History of the Big Bud Shootout
U.S. Nationals, Indianapolis

By Rick Howard

Event Winners and Runners Up

1982 (W) FRANK HAWLEY 5.85/247 (R/U) Don Prudhomme 5.92/238
1983 (W) KENNEY BERNSTEIN 5.90/252 (R/U) Al Segrini 10.00/84
1984 (W) TOM MCEWEN 5.82/260 (R/U) Frank Hawley Smoked tires
1985 (W) KENNY BERNSTEIN 5.70/257 (R/U) Ed McCulloch 6.19/179
1986 (W) MARK OSWALD 5.72/262 (R/U) John Force 6.06/213
1987 (W) JOHN FORCE 5.71/262 (R/U) Mark Oswald 5.90/250
1988 (W) MARK OSWALD 5.39/273 (R/U) Jim Head 5.46/267
1989 (W) DON PRUDHOMME 5.19/271 (R/U) John Force 5.34/273
1990 (W) JOHN FORCE 5.36/271 (R/U) Bruce Larson 5.49/272
1991 (W) JIM WHITE 5.16/288 (R/U) John Force 5.38/253
1992 (W) AL HOFMANN 6.50/173 (R/U) John Force 8.00/114
1993 (W) JOHN FORCE 5.17/285 (R/U) Cruz Pedregon 5.22/283
1994 (W) AL HOFMANN 5.18/291 (R/U) Kenji Okazaki 5.39/239
1995 (W) AL HOFMANN 5.13/299 (R/U) Cruz Pedregon 5.30/289
1996 (W) JOHN FORCE 5.05/309 (R/U) Cruz Pedregon 5.18/291
1997 (W) KENJI OKAZAKI 4.97/308 (R/U) Tony Pedregon 5.14/279
1998 (W) RON CAPPS 5.00/304 (R/U) Cruz Pedregon 5.09/300
1999 (W) RON CAPPS 5.26/256 (R/U) Tony Pedregon 5.57/192
2000 (W) JOHN FORCE 4.99/307 (R/U) Jim Epler 8.07/105
2001 (W) FRANK PEDREGON 5.07/282 (R/U) Whit Bazemore 6.29/222

Event Participants, Years, and Results

Frank HAWLEY (3), 1982/won, 1983/rd1, 1984/runner-up
Don PRUDHOMME (5), 1982/runner-up, 1983/rd1, 1987/rd1, 1988/rd1, 1989/won
Billy MEYER (4), 1982/rd1, 1984/rd1, 1986/sf, 1987/sf
Raymond BEADLE (2), 1982/rd1, 1984/sf
Tom ANDERSON (2), 1982/rd1, 1983/rd1
Gary BURGIN (1), 1982/sf
Al SEGRINI (2), 1982/rd1, 1983/runner-up
Dale PULDE (3), 1982/sf, 1984/rd1, 1985/rd1
Kenny BERNSTEIN (7), 1983/won, 1984/sf, 1985/won, 1986/rd1, 1987/rd1, 1988/sf, 1989/rd1
Mark OSWALD (9), 1983/sf, 1984/rd1, 1986/won, 1987/runner-up, 1988/won, 1989/sf, 1990/rd1, 1991/sf, 1992/rd1
John FORCE (18), 1983/sf, 1985/rd1, 1986/runner-up, 1987/won, 1988/rd1, 1989/runner-up, 1990/won, 1991/runner-up, 1992/runner-up, 1993/won, 1994/rd1, 1995/sf, 1996/won, 1997/sf, 1998/sf, 1999/rd1, 2000/won, 2001/sf
Ken VENEY (1), 1983/rd1
Tom MCEWEN (3), 1984/won, 1985/sf, 1986/rd1
Tim GROSE (3), 1984/rd1, 1985/rd1, 1986/rd1
Ed MCCULLOCH (7), 1985/runner-up, 1986/rd1, 1987/sf, 1988/sf, 1989/rd1, 1990/sf, 1991/rd1
John LOMBARDO (1), 1985/rd1
Rick JOHNSON (1), 1985/sf
Johnny WEST (2), 1986/sf, 1987/rd1
Bruce LARSON (4), 1987/rd1, 1988/rd1, 1989/sf, 1990/runner-up
Jim HEAD (1), 1988/runner-up
Scott KALITTA (2), 1988/rd1, 1990/sf
Mike DUNN (2), 1989/rd1, 1991/rd1
Tom HOOVER (5), 1989/rd1, 1990/rd1, 1992/rd1, 1993/sf, 1994/rd1
K. C. SPURLOCK (2), 1990/rd1, 1995/rd1
Jim WHITE (2), 1990/rd1, 1991/won
Del WORSHAM (5), 1991/rd1, 1992/rd1, 1997/rd1, 2000/rd1, 2001/rd1
Al HOFMANN (7), 1991/rd1, 1992/won, 1993/rd1, 1994/won, 1995/won, 1996/sf, 1998/rd1
Richard HARTMAN (1), 1991/sf
Chuck ETCHELLS (7), 1992/sf, 1993/sf, 1994/sf, 1995/sf, 1996/rd1, 1997/rd1, 1998/rd1
Cruz PEDREGON (7), 1992/sf, 1993/runner-up, 1994/sf-, 1995/runner-up, 1996/runner-up, 1997/rd1, 1998/runner-up
Whit BAZEMORE (8), 1992/rd1, 1993/rd1, 1995/rd1, 1996/rd1, 1998/rd1, 1999/rd1, 2000/rd1, 2001/runner-up
Gordon MINEO (1), 1993/rd1
Gary BOLGER (2), 1993/rd1, 1996/rd1
Jim EPLER (3), 1994/rd1, 1995/rd1, 2000/runner-up
Dean SKUZA (6), 1994/rd1, 1997/sf, 1998/sf, 1999/rd1, 2000/sf, 2001/rd1
Kenji OKAZAKI (3), 1994/runner-up, 1995/rd1, 1997/won
Tony PEDREGON (6), 1996/sf, 1997/runner-up, 1998/rd1, 1999/runner-up, 2000/sf, 2001/sf
Gary DENSHAM (2), 1996/rd1, 1997/rd1
Ron CAPPS (4), 1998/won, 1999/won, 2000/rd1, 2001/rd1
Tim WILKERSON (1), 1999/rd1
Jerry TOLIVER (1), 2000/rd1
Bruce SARVER (1), 2001/rd1
Frank PEDREGON (1), 2001/won

Big Bud Shootout Fast Facts

Most BBS events qualified for: John Force - 18 (Mark Oswald next with 9)
Most BBS wins: John Force - five (1987, '90, '93, '96 and 2000)
Most BBS final appearances: John Force - nine
Only 11 different drivers have won the Big Bud Shootout: Frank Hawley (1982), Kenny Bernstein (1983, '85), Tom McEwen (1984), Mark Oswald (1986, '88), John Force (1987, '90, '93, '96 and 2000), Don Prudhomme (1989), Jim White (1991), Al Hofmann (1992, '94, '95), Kenji Okazaki (1997), Ron Capps (1998, '99) and Frank Pedregon (2001)
First to win two BBS titles: Kenny Bernstein (1983, '85)
First to win back-to-back BBS: Al Hofmann (1994, '95)
First to win back-to-back BBS in first two outings: Ron Capps (1998, '99)
Most runner-ups: four each for Cruz Pedregon and John Force
Jim Head qualified for only one BBS (1988) and ended up runner-up
Frank Pedregon joins Frank Hawley (1982), Kenny Bernstein (1983), Tom McEwen (1984), and Ron Capps (1998) to win the Big Bud Shootout in their first official entry.
Ron Capps is the only F/C driver to win the Big Bud Shootout two years straight in his first two showings

Rick Howard


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