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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

King & Marshall's Famous Top Fuel Caster

By Don Roberts

Don Roberts, Jimmy King and the Infamous Caster (top of TF roll bar)

The famous caster was there after an incident at Indy 1970 when Jimmy King did a huge wheelstand off the line and the car just kept on going over backwards. It landed upside down and the car suffered very little damage as a result. Somewhere along the line, one of the characters that hung around King's shop put that caster on the cage as a goof on King, just in case the car ever did a backflip again. 

The caster did two things. First, it always caught my fire suit pants when I got in the car. Second, it always caught the attention of spectators in the pits, but very few would ever ask why it was there. You could see the puzzled look on their faces, and the question almost came out as to why. If there were several people, it was fun listening to the explanations between themselves as to why it was there. Now, I had this conversation with Bert Toulette about the caster, and he SWEARS that it was on the car in 1969 at a race at Capitol in Maryland. I asked King, and he can't remember. Soooooo, another unexplained phenomenon.

The only decent shot of the car with the caster was when we did a promotion with Loctite where the two cars tried to pull apart steel and aluminum bars that were bonded together with Loctite Super Bonder. This was taken April 1971 in the infield at Seekonk Speedway Seekonk, Mass. That's me on the left with my helmet on, and King on the right. I was in the dragster and King was in the funny car.

Tried twice at full throttle with the slack out of the line. Didn't come apart.

Don Roberts


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