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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Lagana on the Road

Life in the Land of No Budget, Blind Faith Nitro Racing

By Norman Hechtkoff

In a world of ultra modern rigs and corporate displays, the Lagana fuel team does it even older than the old way!
In a world of ultra modern rigs and corporate displays, the Lagana fuel team does it
 even older than the old way! Photographer unknown (please tell us if you know)

Saturday 9/23/2000, a day like any other day. Lagana Family Racing is making their merry way to ESTA Safety Park Dragway, a venerable upstate NY drag strip. They are booked in for two solo runs. Bobby senior is piloting the ANCIENT MARINER, the ramp truck with the 300-inch Top Fueler arranged on top like a cruise missile. Following close behind is Alfie and his VW bus.

Suddenly a deer, A VERY BIG deer, decides he has to put a quarter in the parking meter. Mr. Bambi scoots across the road, meets the front of the ramp truck, and scores:

One very dead deer.

One very crippled truck. 

Now the road, this is not an interstate or a parkway. NOOOOOO, this is the OLD Route 17. This is a rural route, lightly traveled since the opening of the new 17. 

BUT, who happens by? Of course, it is a Super Comp racer. 

This guy has a few ideas, including the junkyard 10 miles away that has EVERYTHING. When phone contact with Senor Junk is made, he wants to tow them here and there and then install a radiator. NEIN NEIN say the Laganas, bring us a radiator. 

Eventually, a meeting is arranged. The junkyard and a HUGE money machine are visited and a radiator is secured. 

Radiator installed by side-o-road-Bobby. Our troops move out for Cicero. 

Sunday finds our stalwart group at the ESTA strip. A totally empty strip. No racers. No owner. No spectators. No MONEY. 

Water is coming up through the pavement -- no can race. 

The modern day bonus Army heads south, lead by a truck radiator held in by ties and good thoughts, and goes home. 

The track owner calls Monday; the guys go back next month. So goes it in the land of no budget, blind faith NITRO RACING.

By Norman Hechtkoff



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