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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Nostalgia Funny Cars in 2000 -- A Reality

By David Ray

Nostalgia Funny Cars are back! Indy Goodguys 2000. Photo by David Ray

Bob Gibson made it happen. Having met Bob for the first time this weekend, it's clear to me that because of his unassuming demeanor and easygoing personality, he won't be patting himself on the back. But be assured, a lot of time and effort went into this event. This was an unproven and untested commodity, which he sold to the "Good Guys" and "American Racing Wheels." 

Indy Goodguys Nostalgia Funnies 2000. The view from the other side. Photo by David Ray

None of the cars broke or oiled the track. Yes, performance was off on a few. But when a group of owners and drivers are brought together for the first time with no rehearsal... Well, I can tell you the crowd loved every run, and especially the burnouts. That hasn't changed after 30 years. As Top Fuel eliminations began Sunday morning, the crowd was thick around the FCs. Give Bob Gibson a big pat on the back.

David Ray

Bob Gibson is the guy who made this happen. Photo by David Ray Was the Lincoln Mark IV high class? They used a "French Maid" (with appropriate costume) to feather dust the car in the pits and back it up on burnouts! Photo by David Ray

The back of the "Redneck" Hot Rod Lincoln '73 Nostalgia Funny. Photo by David Ray Bob's Tom n Jerry car was one of the nicest of the bunch. Photo by David Ray

Yes, the Nostalgia Funnies are back, and the magic's back with 'em! Photo by David Ray


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