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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Draglist ROOLZ!

By Chris Fabiaschi

GREAT to have Draglist back! I was lucky enough to make the Pomona Winternat Finals this year. I hadn't been to Pomona in a few years and LORDY the nitro cars are even noisier and more ground- shaking than ever! Didn't think it was possible! The Cacklefest they had was magical, as close to a Lions TF show as I'll get! Too wild seeing those gorgeous rails and vintage push vehicles. Such a kick to stroll the pits and see Larry Dixon Sr. etc.

I didn't make Bakersfield March Meet last weekend. Friends who were going w/me fell out, I had to work the weekend, you know the story! It's funny, I work night hours and know the feeling of it ALWAYS being "coffee time"!

Keep up your great work w/Draglist! I enjoy stopping by every day just to see what's what. I love the stories & pics DRL'ers send in, like that one from the Texas guy's first Top Gas ride in the 50's. He thought he was doing at least 140 MPH, but his timing slip only read 68 MPH or so; GREAT!

Best to you and
Keep On Draglisting!

Chris Fabiaschi

Draglist DROOLZ! (At Least Temporarily)

By Bill Pratt

Thanks, Chris! This is the kind of email that kept us going during what we now refer to as "The Dark Ages" around here. For those of you who haven't heard the saga, on March 1, some bozo fired off a Trojan Horse or something on the server on which we resided. That blew everybody on that box away, including us. Our major site sponsor - Martel Bros. Performance - was especially hard hit. As one of the top Internet performance parts businesses in the world, they lost big dollars by being down for nearly ten days. 

We finally got back up on March 9, but I was unable to update some of my pages on the shared server. At that point, however, I did not want to interfere any more with the Martel Bros. by trying to force my stuff to update to the page. And I certainly didn't want to take up any more of Don Wilshe's time as he tried to reconstruct the massive Martel Bros. site. The great part is we have moved to a new server that is ALL OURS! It is fast and has plenty of room for growth. I will be moving all my sites there within the next week. 

This new era in draglist.com will be a little pricey (about the same monthly payments as a new economy car), but are necessary if we are to offer the rock solid reliability that our readers and sponsors deserve. We are really starting to rack up the visitors and we welcome all of you! We had over 115 thousand hits in January and we had 113 thousand in February! That would have been over 125 thousand if we had those three extra days! We probably won't set any records for March, since we basically were down and unavailable for the first ten days. Our readers have returned in force, however, for the past five days. 

I truly apologize for your having to see the same thing over and over for that period of time. We have uploaded a new story of the day for every day we were down. Enjoy! Now we have to find more content so send in those stories and memories! We want to print it all...

Anyway, have to wrap this up. Got all the stories done and I need to get a dozen new pictures of the day uploaded before we go live tomorrow! Sometimes, sleep is just not an option.

Thanks for your patience, friends. Now that we have survived the DARK AGES, we are ready for a Drag Racing List Renaissance!

Note our new email address...

Bill Pratt


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