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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Hot Rod Power Festival at Moroso: Phase One

by Angela Wall

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL - Moroso Motorsports Park and the NMCA/NSCA Super Series Power Festival got off to a great start on Sunday, February 24, 2002. After the downpour that the entire state of Florida experienced on Saturday, the racers and fans were ready for the fast action at 8am.

Moroso's 1/4-mile drag strip was launching all day and made for great times. Marc Dantoni of Staten Island, NY ran the low E.T. of the day in the Pro Outlaw class. Dantoni drove his '68 Camaro down the track in just 6.665 seconds, but it was Jeff Miller of Midland, VA who was he fastest in this class taking his '98 Viper down the 1/4 mile at 209.59 mph.

In the Pro Street class, Pat Musi of Carteret, NY put numbers up that anyone would be proud of. Musi had the quickest E.T. in his class during qualifying running his '99 Firebird to the finish line in 6.721 seconds, placing him in the #1 qualifying spot. Hank Hill of McLeansville, NC was the #2 qualifier and the fastest in the class racing his '96 T Bird to the speed of 206.70 mph.

Rick Moroso, President of Moroso Motorsports Park's sister company Moroso Performance Products, was having a record day running his best time of 8.74 seconds in the Hot Street class. Moroso won first round in the class and moved on to the finals.

It was during the first round of eliminations that things became semi-abysmal. Pat Musi lost control of his car mid-track, causing him to hit the drag strip retaining wall. Trauma Hawk was called to the scene for precautionary purposes. Musi was taken to the hospital for examinations and fortunately was released unscathed. Musi returned to Moroso asking NMCA/NSCA Vice President, Jim Vance, "What did my times look like?" "He knew he had a 1/8-mile time, and was hoping it was better than his qualifying time" Vance explained shaking his head.

After the incident, time restraints postponed the rest of the event until March 16-17, 2002, which is the NMCA/NSCA Super Series next racing event in Atlanta, GA.

Moroso Motorsports Park's next event is the largest of the year, the Pepsi Chevy Show, presented by HorsePower Sales on March 9-10, 2002. The event will feature all Chevy drag racing, the Pro Street Outlaw class, Jet Funny Cars, Jet Dragsters, the Jet Truck, a Wheelstanding Truck, a huge Show-n-Shine, Swap Meet Car Corral, Manufacturers', Monster Truck rides, and the list goes on. If you have any questions or need any further information please call (561) 622-1400.

Angela Wall


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