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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

What I Love About "The Beach"

By Bob Van Luven

Boy did I love the Beach!

Roller starters. My primary job when I started going out with my dad's race cars was to hold one of the front wheels when the car was on the rollers. The rollers would start building RPM. When they were turning fast enough, the driver would let out the clutch and the car would try to go backwards for a second. Then he'd prime the injector and "Nirvana" -- the monster would come to life! As soon as the motor lit, the car would try to leap off the rollers. Fortunately, it didn't take much effort to keep it in place. I had the best view in the house and as far as I was concerned, I had the best job of all, outside of driving of course.

What memories! Standing at the fence in the finish line lights, right next to the track. What a view! The fog rolling in almost like clockwork before the start of second round. John Bateman's Atlas Oil Tool Special; Pat Foster in Woody's rear engine dragster with what looked like funny car front wheels and tires; Hippo and Poindexter; Dunn and Reath; Charlie Marquez "Here Come Da Judge," Wiebe vs. Prudhomme, front engine vs. rear engine, Donovan 417 vs. KB cast iron elephant; 6.17 to 6.17 -- AWESOME!

My first sighting of what was to us digger guys the new mortal enemy...the purse stealing Funny Cars! Ed Lenarth in the Holy Toledo Jeep, Warren Gunther's Durachrome Bug; Gene Conway; the Beach City (Barbecue) Corvette, the LA Hooker.

OCIR was the most modern facility around, Irwindale was a hot, miserable rock pit but a great track and a lot of fun to race there, Bakersfield was Bakersfield; but there was nothing like Lion's Drag Strip! That was drag racing!

Bob Van Luven


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