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President's Cup Final Results and Notes

Results By Summit FastNews
Pit Notes by Bill Pratt

Budds Creek, Md. - The Mopar Parts Pro Modified points battle tightened as Fred Hahn closed to within two points of Quain Stott at the ExpressAutoParts.com President's Cup at Maryland International Raceway this past weekend. With two races remaining in the IHRA Summit Drag Racing Series, Stott failed to qualify at the President's Cup and Hahn advanced to the semifinals to narrow the margin.

Steve Vick, Mocksville, NC, in Mopar Parts Performance Pro Modified, Billy Gibson, Chaptico, Md., in Funny Car, Tommy Lee, Kingsport, TN in Pro Stock, Jay Turner, Whitsett, NC in Screamin' Eagle Nitro Harley and Laurie Cannister, Clinton, Pa., were winners in their respective classes.

The next race in the IHRA Summit Drag Racing Series is the Mopar Parts World Finals at Red River Raceway, Shreveport, LA, October 12-14. Top Fuel, which does not run at Budds Creek returns at Shreveport, with three drivers, Paul Romine, Clay Millican and Bruce Litton within 16 points of each other and fighting for the $200,000 championship.

BUDDS CREEK, Md. -- Saturday's final results from the 9th annual Expressautoparts.com President's Cup Nationals at Maryland International Raceway. The $1.6-million race is the tenth of 11 events in the IHRA Summit Drag Racing Series:

Screamin' Eagle Nitro Harley -- Jay Turner, 6.536, 194.02 def. Steve Stordeur, 6.617, 204.05.

Mopar Pro Modified -- Steve Vick, Chevy Camaro, 6.314, 224.66 def. Chip King, Dodge Avenger, 7.506, 131.72.

ihra.com Funny Car -- Billy Gibson, Chevy Camaro, 6.085, 230.69 def. Jim Lape, Camaro, 6.234, 204.85.

Sunoco Pro Stock -- Tom Lee, Ford Mustang, 6.590, 210.24 def. Angelo Alesci, Chevy Monte Carlo, broke.

Pro Outlaw -- Laurie Cannister, Dragster, 6.080, 219.36 def. Michael Barclay, 23-T Ford, 6.350, 220.40.

Annihilator Top Sportsman -- Frank Gugliotta, Ford Mustang, 7.709, 177.14 def. Ernie Carrasco, Chevy Camaro, foul.

Omega Performance TS Shootout -- Jim Detrick, Ford Probe, 6.598, 209.92 def. Kenny Rucker, Chevy Corvette, 6.760, 205.94.

NOS Top Dragster -- Dave Trapletti, Dragster, 6.875, 194.32 def. Bennie Ulmer Sr., Dragster, 6.930, 198.44.

Hooker Modified -- Dennis Mitchell, Chevy Cavalier, 8.174, 14.64 def. Tony Ward, Dragster, 7.425, 177.11.

Dominator Quick Rod -- Dave Hill, Dragster, 8.882, 162.70 def. Frank Carpinelli, Dragster, 8.856, 163.14.

Holley Team G Super Rod -- Craig Porter, Ford Mustang, 9.907, 141.88 def. David Rockcastle, Chevy, 9.976, 141.95.

Weiand Hot Rod -- Quentin Holloway, Chevelle, 10.914, 124.27 def. Irene Hanes, Chevy Camaro, 10.890, 138.02.

Lunati Super Stock -- Bob Marshall, Dodge Coronet, 9.741, 132.24 def. Bruce Riley, Chevelle, 9.744, 136.61.

Earl's Stock -- Mike Adams, Chevy Nova, 10.541, 123.63 def. Tex Miller, Ford Mustang, 11.275, 111.47.

BUDDS CREEK, Md. -- Final round-by-round results from the 9th annual Expressautoparts.com President's Cup Nationals at Maryland International Raceway, the tenth of 11 events in the IHRA Summit Drag Racing Series:


ROUND ONE -- Jay Turner, 6.523, 209.69 def. Tony Mattioli, foul; Johnny Mancuso, 8.036, 141.45 def. Jim McClure, broke; Doug Vancil, 6.593, 199.88 def. Bill Furr, 6.847, 188.41; Steve Stordeur, 6.559, 204.70 def. Ray Price, 8.691, 103.36;

SEMIFINALS -- Turner, 6.512, 207.37 def. Mancuso, 10.411, 100.45; Stordeur, 6.617, 204.26 def. Vancil, 6.592, 210.87;

FINAL -- Turner, 6.536, 194.02 def. Stordeur, 6.617, 204.05.


ROUND ONE -- Mitch Stott, Chevy Corvette, 6.323, 225.07 def. Harold Martin, Pontiac Firebird, broke; Troy Critchley, Mercury, 6.300, 224.55 def. Billy Harper, Dodge Viper, 6.622, 215.82; Chip King, Dodge Avenger, 6.292, 224.73 def. Tommy Gray, Corvette, 6.493, 217.67; Carl Moyer, Chevy Bel Air, 6.576, 216.48 def. Tommy Mauney, Willys, 17.570, 59.56; Alan Pittman, Willys, 6.303, 223.80 def. Kevin O'Dell, Chevelle, 6.422, 220.51; Fred Hahn, Corvette, 6.229, 227.19 def. Shannon Jenkins, Viper, 10.845, 75.82; Steve Vick, Chevy Camaro, 6.345, 225.03 def. Ed Hoover, Corvette, 6.369, 213.40; Ronnie Hood, Corvette, 6.407, 219.76 def. Al Billes, Studebaker, 12.853, 63.63;

QUARTERFINALS -- M. Stott, 6.341, 224.25 def. Moyer, broke; Vick, 6.350, 223.73 def. Critchley, 6.365, 223.25; Hahn, 6.342, 225.94 def. Pittman, 6.312, 223.10; King, 6.231, 225.45 def. Hood, 6.393, 219.65;

SEMIFINALS -- Vick, 6.310, 225.00 def. M. Stott, 6.329, 223.99; King, 9.911, 84.29 def. Hahn, foul;

FINAL -- Vick, 6.314, 224.66 def. King, 7.506, 131.72.


Bill Barrett had Chip King flying in Pro Modified. The beautiful Indy Cylinder Heads Dodge Avenger was leading Steve Vick handily in the final round, only to have something "pop" at 1,000 feet, allowing Steve to pass for a well-deserved win.

Fred Hahn pulled to within two points of Quain Stott at MIR, setting up a barn burner of a points battle over the final few races. The Ironhorse team of Johnny Rocca and Troy Critchley still has a mathematical chance of winning the World Championship as well.


ROUND ONE -- Rob Atchison, Pontiac Firebird, 5.913, 221.02 def. Mike Preslar, Chevy Corvette, 6.089, 228.11; Adam Szeler, Dodge Achieva, 13.730, 60.08 def. Bruce Mullins, Ford Mustang, foul; Jim Lape, Chevy Camaro, 5.803, 244.38 def. Bunny Burkett, Dodge Avenger, 6.011, 237.34; Fred Tigges, Camaro, 5.906, 239.78 def. Jimmy Rector, Avenger, 5.917, 241.20; Mark Thomas, Avenger, 6.058, 232.67 def. Dave Ray, Oldsmobile Cutlass, 6.119, 230.84; Larry Dobbs, Corvette, 6.081, 231.16 def. Dale Brand, Firebird, DQ-Centerline; Billy Gibson, Camaro, 5.871, 241.63 def. Terry McMillen, Avenger, 6.056, 231.83; Scott Weney, Corvette, 5.956, 235.02 def. Von Smith, Firebird, 6.045, 239.02;

QUARTERFINALS -- Lape, 5.794, 242.89 def. Weney, 6.520, 190.11; Dobbs, 6.064, 230.80 def. Szeler, 10.060, 86.48; Gibson, 6.036, 239.48 def. Thomas, 6.039, 235.56; Tigges, 12.672, 105.28 def. Atchison, broke;

SEMIFINALS -- Gibson, 6.109, 239.23 def. Tigges, 11.098, 77.25; Lape, 5.848, 240.51 def. Dobbs, foul;

FINAL -- Gibson, 6.085, 230.69 def. Lape, 6.234, 204.85.


Hometown favorite Billy Gibson scored a huge win, upsetting Jim Lape's 5.7-capable machine in the final. Lape got crossed up on a somewhat dewy MIR surface, while Gibson went straight and true for the win. Gibson had about 20 people swarming around his car in an attempt to make it to the final round. It was quite a scene. Tuner Bill Barrett backed off the power a little for the final, and that may have spelled the difference as the G&H Jewelers machine held on for a popular 6.08 second win.

Jim Lape set the world on fire, performance wise, although he got out of shape in the final and lost to hometown favorite, Billy Gibson. Lape, who seemed to have lost the combination while experimenting with a Kobelco supercharger for the past two seasons, recently went back to a Mert Littlefield setup and began flying. He ran the quickest ET for a Roots blown car at 5.761 seconds at Epping, and reset the IHRA world records to 5.794 at 244.38 mph at Budds Creek.

Bruce and Pattie Mullins and the War Horse team were looking forward to joining Jim Lape in the world record hunt Saturday after finding a problem with their blower pulley setup that held them to blower-belt shredding runs of 6.03 and 5.90 in qualifying. Two problems set in during round one, however Bruce redlighted to Adam Szeler, ending his weekend early, and the War Horse blew a burst panel on a superb, but losing 5.916, 238.17 mph pass. The fact that Szeler had a .718 light and had to shut off made the loss doubly hard. This was the last race of the year 2000 for the War Horse team, who will head home, take the car apart, and begin to regroup for 2001.

Bunny Burkett and "The Boys" acquitted themselves nicely, despite a first round loss to Jim Lape. Bunny and the Boys continued to sneak up on the new Bob Newberry/Ken Veney combo with a nice 6.001 at 237.34 mph in the loss to Lape's 5.80 at 244. There is a lot more left in this motor and Bunny and the Boys look good for 2001. 

But the most important statement from Bunny Burkett in the first round was a full, smoky, eighth mile burnout! Fans had become upset (quite verbally so) on Friday night when Bunny received an AutoStart redlight after an eighth mile burnout. It seemed to many that she had been penalized for taking too long on the burnout and subsequent backup (although opponent Paul Athey was aware Bunny would do that and had no problem with it). 

Bill Bader came to Bunny's pits early Saturday to explain that the AutoStart is now set to five seconds and to offer his condolences for the previous night's events. Bunny said, "I want to do a long burnout for my fans today, but I don't want to be thrown out." Bader jokingly replied that he would throw her out if she DIDN'T do a long, smoky burnout before her round one match. Bunny didn't disappoint. The AutoStart will reportedly be set back to seven seconds for 2001.


ROUND ONE -- Ed Machacek, Pontiac Firebird, 6.755, 208.30 def. Floyd Cheek, Mercury Cougar, 7.381, 147.37; Tim Nabors, Chevy Monte Carlo, 6.700, 207.59 def. Wally Stroupe, Monte Carlo, 6.722, 207.43; Ron Miller, Monte Carlo, 6.654, 210.24 def. John Konigshofer, Ford Probe, 6.782, 207.62; Gene Wilson, Probe, 6.683, 209.82 def. Steve Spiess, Oldsmobile Cutlass, 6.681, 209.36; Chris Holbrook, Ford Mustang, 6.719, 209.26 def. John Montecalvo, Monte Carlo, 6.724, 208.17; Jon Yoak, Probe, 6.661, 210.80 def. Jerry Yeoman, Firebird, foul; Tom Lee, Mustang, 6.700, 210.54 def. David Jenkins, Monte Carlo, 6.738, 206.51; Angelo Alesci, Monte Carlo, 6.731, 207.66 def. Dwayne Rice, Firebird, broke;

QUARTERFINALS -- Alesci, 6.725, 207.66 def. Holbrook, broke; Lee, 6.613, 210.97 def. Nabors, 6.682, 207.62; Machacek, 6.651, 208.59 def. Yoak, 6.630, 211.20; Wilson, 6.657, 209.52 def. Miller, 6.657, 210.28;

SEMIFINALS -- Alesci, 6.744, 207.72 def. Machacek, 6.733, 207.66; Lee, 6.606, 211.00 def. Wilson, foul;

FINAL -- Lee, 6.590, 210.24 def. Alesci, broke.


In case you didn't notice it the first time, take note of Tommy Lee's ET in the final round. That's right it took until the final Pro Stock run of the event, but Tommy Lee fulfilled my year long prediction that we would see the sport's first 6.50 Pro Stock run at Budds Creek in September! Thanks, Tommy! It was a thing of beauty, with the light peach Autolite Ford Mustang cranking hard all the way down the track. 

You know how there are those few drag racing memories you will never forget? Here's one of mine: Bunny Burkett and I hanging on the fence at about 1200 feet, watching the finals in all categories, and jumping for joy at the site of the new Pro Stock world record and Billy Gibson's Funny Car win.


ROUND ONE -- Mick Snyder, Dragster, 6.071, 224.70 def. Ed Lyons, Dragster, 6.613, 168.51; Michael Barclay, 23-T Ford, 6.131, 222.58 def. Karen Haddock, Dragster, broke; Laurie Cannister, Dragster, 6.035, 220.80 def. Scott Ray, Dragster, 7.419, 132.61; Dave Christensen, Dragster, 6.257, 213.87 def. Mike Decker, Dragster, 6.341, 217.21;

SEMIFINALS -- Barclay, 6.245, 222.95 def. Christensen, 6.329, 211.66; Cannister, 6.102, 209.79 def. Snyder, 6.125, 225.00;

FINALS -- Cannister, 6.080, 219.36 def. Barclay, 6.350, 220.40.

BILL'S PRO OUTLAW NOTES: Another dominating performance by Laurie Cannister. Hope she gets that rumored Top Fuel deal for 2001. Farewell, Pro Outlaw. We hardly knew ye.

Bill Pratt

Results provided by the FastNews Network,
courtesy of Summit Racing Equipment


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