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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Ron Fassl Sets Six Fuel Altered
World Records in 2000!

by Scott Fortin

Ron Fassl became the world's quickest and fastest Fuel Altered driver in 2000. Photo thanks to Scott FortinRon Fassl and Phoenix Racing were virtually unstoppable this year. Just about every time they raced, the broke something world speed record, track record, ET record, and the occasional blower. Ron's two greatest achievements this year were setting the new World ET Record at 5.51 and a new World Speed Record of 264 MPH.

Ron Fassl, along with his crew chief "Famous" Amos Satterlee, started breaking records right from the start by driving their AA/Fuel Altered car at the Fuel Altered Nationals at Southwest International Raceway in Tucson, Arizona. With an awe-inspiring show of horsepower, Ron left the crowd gazing at a 257 MPH pass with a 5.58 ET. It was a flawless run that brought the capacity crowd to its feet as Ron Fassl set a new NHRA AA/Fuel Altered World Speed Record. And it didn't stop there.

The team continued this pace all season with an incredible showing at the Nitro Nationals in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a 264 MPH pass, and again at the Pepsi Night Fire Nationals in Boise, Idaho, with an ET of 5.51.

Ron Fassl dominated Fuel Altered racing in 2000. Photo thanks to Scott FortinFassl started racing nitromethane- fueled machines in 1969 and has been very successful ever since. With Amos Satterlee as Ron's crew chief, success is in the bag. Amos, an engine builder since 1958, has amassed a total of 13 World Championships himself.

Ron Fassl and Phoenix Racing are based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their team currently competes in national match races with a Nitro Funny Car and a AA/Fuel Altered Car. Ron has a leading presence and large following at every event and consistently puts on an unbelievable show.

Ron does more than entertain over 500,000 race fans each year with his 264-mph AA/Fuel Altered and the Phoenix Race Team. Ron participates in over 22 match races a year and is ready to move into the National NHRA events. This team is currently in the last planning phase of securing their position on the NHRA National Event Roster for 2001.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities for Ron Fassl and Phoenix Racing, please contact Scott Fortin at (602) 705-7119 or check out their website at www.racingsponsor.com.


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