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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Mopars and Chryslers Star at Moroso

by Angela Wall

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL - Moroso Motorsports Park held its annual Mopar event on Saturday, October 20th, and the event was the only thing in South Florida that didn't have rain, but did have plenty of cars. The sixth annual Moroso Mopar & Chrysler Show was sponsored by Napleton Jupiter Dodge, Jon Smith Subs, and Massey Yardley. The competition was tight on and off the drag strip as 87 vehicles entered the Show-n-Shine. 

Drag racing legends Ronnie Sox and Bob Reed took on Moroso's 1/4 mile to see which icon still had the get up and go. In their first of four runs this weekend Sox had a .629 bulb to a .474, but pulled it out in the end with a 8.953 E.T. at 151.46 mph to Reed's 9.167 at 147.68. Sox recently has been added to the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Top 50 Drivers, and he was sure to show the crowd why - what a race to watch. 

In the bracket race for Combo Robert Ledbetter of Pt. St. Lucie outstripped Gene Brown from Royal Palm Beach when Brown red lighted with a .494. Ledbetter had an E.T. of 10.314 to a 9.469, and he ran at 129.14 to Brown's 139.31. Sportsman racer Hank Ackerman, Pompano Beach, was in the winner circle over Loxahatchee's Glenn Phippen as Ackerman ran an E.T. of 12.019 at 106.83 mph. 

The Massey Yardley Viper Shootout had over 20 of those 12 cylinder beauties burning up the strip. In the end, Sean Kemmair of Plantation took home the trophy driving 120 mph in just over 12 seconds. This is with no racing modifications, and that's impressive. 

The second of three Moroso vs. Immokalee Jr. Drag Races went to the Immokalee team when Daniel Futch debarred Jennifer Crossman. This makes it one to one in the race for the championship trophies, and there's only one more race to go before one of these teams is crowned. 

Saturday, October 20, 2001 

1st Al & Pam Mucci '65 Dart GT
2nd Rick Ogle '70 Dart Swinger
3rd Al Mucci '70 Dart Swinger 340

B-Body '62-'70 Stock
1st Robert Pasqualucci '68 Charger RT
2nd Christian Buterra '66 Hemi Charger
3rd David Smith '69-1/2 Road Runner

B-Body '62-'70 Modified
1st Jeffery Young '66 Charger
2nd Dennis Stabile '64 Mac Wedge
3rd Wade Slaught '66 Coronet

B-Body '71-'79 Stock
1st Edward Leese '72 Road Runner
2nd John & Ramona Bober '71 Charger Super Bee
3rd Scott McAdam '71 Charger Super Bee

B-Body '71-'79 Modified
1st Roger Vasquez '78 Monaco

1st Sandy Allison '66 Monaco 500
2nd Mike Swoszowski '68 Fury 3
3rd John Spires '64 Newport

F/M/J Body
1st Leigh Zaremba '78 Super Coupe

E-Body Stock
1st Guy Byrd '71 Challenger
2nd Dean Swade '70 Challenger
3rd Bobby Verlezza '71 Challenger

E-Body Modified
1st Ken Seeley '70 Challenger

1st Myron Davis '82 Sinatra

Special Interest
1st Paul Emiro '68 Barracuda
2nd Sam Fletcher '36 Humpback Custom
3rd Jose Brerrios '87 LeBaron

1st Al Darrach '59 Sport Fury
2nd Diek Koch '60 Desoto Adventurer
3rd Dave Matthews '51 Dodge Pick up

1st Jay Harris 2000
2nd Chris Gibson 2000
3rd Paul Synk 1999

1st Brad DiBiano '98 Durango
2nd Bob Berlen '00 Ram 1500
3rd Darrin Nelson '90 Power Ram

1st Michael Simon '99 RT
2nd Alan Anderson '00 RT Club Cab
3rd David Wilson '98 RT

Front Wheel Drive
1st Andrew Haverstick '01 PT Cruiser
2nd Robert Fiol '02 PT Cruiser
3rd Tom Bowe '01 PT Cruiser

1st Doug Briant '81 Eagle

"Best of Show"
Robert Pasqualucci '68 Charger

"Best Interior"
Al & Pam Mucci '65 Dart GT

"Participants Choice"
Richard Romenelli '70 RR Wagon

Combo E.T. MPH DI RT
Wn: Robert Ledbetter/Pt St Lucie 10.314 129.14 10.30 .502
RU: Gene Brown/Royal Palm Beach 9.469 139.31 9.48 .494

Wn: Hank Ackerman/Pompano Beach 12.019 106.83 11.94 .507
RU: Glenn Phippen/Loxahatchee 16.638 81.41 16.50 .569

Viper Shootout
Wn: Sean Kemmair/Plantation 12.134 120.43 .981

Jr Dragster
Wn: Daniel Futch/Immokalee 8.820 75.39 8.57 .663
RU: Jennifer Crossman/Lake Worth 8.602 73.94 8.65 .532

Angela Wall


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