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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

A Different Way to Run Drag Races

By "Motorcycle Mike" Cole

Here's a far out thought: drop the "ladder" idea completely. NO final eliminator. EVERY run from the time you go to the starting line with two cars counts "points towards a championship." Two runs Friday, two runs Saturday, three runs on Sunday. At the end of the year, the person with the most "round wins" is the champion. A cold green track is equal for everybody towards a win. 

There'd be a few reasons why it could benefit the little guy:

(1) The current money to win could be split up evenly per round winner. 

(2) The little guys get better exposure to potential sponsors via more rounds. 

(3) A mistake in the final round that now has so much riding on it like a fuel leak or a tire smoker would not be as big of a hit. 

(4) Drivers needing to "get it to the other end" on each and every run would make it more exciting for the fans rather than shut off runs when the tires are smoked in qualifying.

The top/winning round type teams would end up making one LESS run with only three runs on Sundays. The fans would get MORE side by side pairs since the ladder would be gone and even the little guys would need to get the most round wins/points they could. It would be interesting to see a round by round breakdown on what the payouts are so I could divide it up and see just what a car could make per round.

Anybody know? Or care? Is this too far out? Another reason for this thought: it would make MORE runs for TV, enabling a non-stop ALL nitro TV show. One fuel car after another. No doorslammers!

Mike Cole

Well, what do you think of Mike's idea, race fans? Click HERE to send in a response and we will run it. bp

Here are some responses:

I am a little guy. I like it. -- Charles O'Donnell (odonnell@oz.net)

I like it! -- Mike Greene (sc4087@netzero.net)


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