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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Rain Can't Dampen Spirits at
Atco Super Stock Spectacular

By Joel Naprstek

Although rain prevented racing at the Atco Super Stock Spectacular yesterday, the bench racing was great. There was so much BS'ing to do that I didn't get to see all the cars. Aside from the hosting East Coast N/SS Association taking a hit with the weather, in my opinion it was a good day. I witnessed a few generous gestures by ECNSSA people during the rain wait, which they're to be highly commended for.

A number of people told me they were enjoying the bench racing very much. I may have said this before but I don't think I've seen a happier bunch of people at a rained out racing event.

A couple of bits from the day as I saw them ...

Brian Kohlmann tweaking the AWB Virginian's injection until it was humming, then taking it on a short pit cruise, popping the wheels at least once.

Two radical AWB cars ... the injected Virginian sitting side by side with the blown nitro Belle Dodge car in the pits, a sight like that rarely seen since the mid sixties.

The obligatory fire up in the pits of the blown nitro Belle Dodge amid all the nitro junkies ... enough stinging eyes and thoughts to go around.

Great photo albums on view all over the place.

Nunzi Automotive's new '63 Tempest Pro/NSS car cruising the pits.

The multitude of Mopars from '62 on up including famous cars like Maverick's '63, Leal's '65 S/S, etc.

The 422 Motorsports hauler loaded with Fords ... a T-bolt, a '64 Comet etc.

Geoff Stunkard and Steve Collison representing the magazines, both duly impressed with the N/SS cars and people.

Malcolm Durham and sons scoping out their opponents' nitro fire up.

The interest in the Carolina Thunder 409 and its real Southern Style flashback look on an open trailer. (Rumor has it that a certain '64 Plymouth racer may be part of a North vs. South match race with the CT 409)

Joe Conlon all the way from Rhode Island with his near period perfect S/S lightweight '63 Front Royal Ford.

Bob Harrop buzzing around the pits eager to drive his restored '64 wedge car.

Charlie Baesch's '64 10 sec., 4-speed SD GTO itching' to yank the wheels on the sticky Atco strip.

Bill Maverick Golden and the LRW.

Among the bunch of Jr. Stocks was the Special Delivery '57 sedan delivery of Larry Schnieder.

A group of injected flip top funnies (which I didn't get to see).

A great BBQ in the pits.

Tom Molyneaux shooting video of the wet pit activities including documenting the injection work going on the Virginian AWB car.

If I may say so, I was thrilled to see a number of people walking around with T-shirts with my S/S artwork on them. Loved it.

Bob Frey looking like he was going to do the days announcing (I assume).

There was a complete Mopar car show also by the South Jersey Mopar club that I never even got near I'm sorry to say.

Even though no cars went down the strip the day was worth the price of admission to me. There's no doubt that if the weather had cooperated this would have been a great event.

I say thanks to the East Coast N/SS Assoc. for the event and I'll be there on the rainout date when it's announced.



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