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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

9/30/00 - President's Cup Final Qualifying Notes
9/29/00 - Pete Robinson & the Automatic Cammer
9/28/00 - Workin' Hard and Raisin' Hell -- The Life of a Fuel Altered Rookie
9/27/00 - Dead On for a Trophy and an A
9/26/00 - Return of the Chicken Chokers
9/25/00 - Rain Can't Dampen Spirits at Atco Super Stock Spectacular
9/24/00 - Money, Money, Money... or Why Drag Racers are Always Pulling Up Their Pants
9/23/00 - Smith Takes September Texas Quick 8 Association Win
9/22/00 - The NITRO Natural
9/21/00 - NHRA Keystone Nationals News and Notes
9/20/00 - Kuhlmann Flirts with the Fives!
9/19/00 - War Horse Aims to Become the Quickest Roots Blown Funny Car
9/18/00 - Amato, Sarver, Johnson Take NHRA Keystone Nationals Victories
9/17/00 - A Different Way to Run Drag Races
9/16/00 - New Jack Roush "Super Mustang" on the Way
9/15/00 - The EARLIEST Rear Engine Dragsters
9/14/00 - Efficiency: The Downfall of Drag Racing Excitement?
9/13/00 - Bring Back the Fuel Altereds (and Other Thoughts)
9/12/00 - The FIRST Successful Rear Engine Dragster, Revisited

9/11/00 - IHRA Amalie North American Nationals

9/10/00 - Supercharged in Albuquerque

9/09/00 - The FIRST Successful Rear Engine Dragster

9/08/00 - Putting the "Show" into Drag Racing on TV

9/07/00 - This Rule Would Change Everything!

9/06/00 - NHRA U.S. Nationals Final Results

9/05/00 - US Nationals Past Winners

9/04/00 - Early Observations from Indy

9/03/00 - Drag Racing Stuns Malaysian Crowd

9/02/00 - VHT Dustin'

9/01/00 - Fighting the Index in Oz


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