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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

World Finals: Flyin' Phil's Sportsman Wrap Up

By Phil Elliott

SS final round saw longtime IHRA standout Anthony Bertozzi beat Kyle Seipel. Bertozzi wrapped up the WC earlier while Seipel will race with numeral 6 in 2003. Could these be the two best multi class drivers ever?
When you see Mike Ferderer's Pennzoil Pontiac and Ted Seipel's Ferrari stage during any round of SG, it is time to take in the whole scene. This R3 battle was great -- Seipel's .408/9.906 package won this time.
Just Stockers? Try numbers one and two in the world following 2002, Kevin Helms and Jody Lang, a tough pairing in anybodies book, even tougher when it is R4. Lang was late this time around. Helms will remain #1, Jody drops to #11, while his brother Toby Lang will wear #3!
OK, you've probably figured out that I like mid-60s Mopar sedans by now. This 66 Plymouth caught my eye -- Jason McCormack drug it from Michigan to reach R1. Please note the hemi is a stick shift. Really too bad about all those empty grandstands on a Monday morning.
One of my favorite races in Stock was this R4 old vs. new E/S match of GM power. Jim Penta got the holeshot and won, 10.935 to 11.05. If you look close, note that Jerry MacNeish Maryland-based Z-28 says "Old Reliable" on its doors, as in Dave Strickler. Nice company to be in.
Jim Penta's E/S Firebird, all the way from Rhode Island, wheelstood high every round, then Penta shifted it masterfully all the way to the runner-up finish. He was on the receiving end of one of the best last-of-the-season onslaughts in Stock history. Dan Fletcher won 3-of-4 events, and was r/u at the other one! His 523RT won the final.
Jeff Taylor won his last Sportsman final when Wayne Ramay fouled by .006. Both drivers used up their CICs like they didn't care!
Ex-world champ Danny Divita spends most of the time he used to race working at Sears Point so he rarely gets out but still knows how to wheel his potent BBChevy-powered Healy.
Just crowned FC WC John Force watched his daughter Ashley reach R4 of SC before racing to  pull on hios tux for the evening festivities.
Since the inception of the modern "Jr. Fuel" class, Wayne Ramay has been the mainstay. He drives the wheels off his Maropulos-engined A/ND machine and was runner-up at Pomona.
Kenny Yeoman used consistent starts and a "tool" once utilized by Sheldon Gecker for many major victories, to win the Finals. Here his .415 to .420 holeshot helped Kenny holdoff Anthony Castillo's quicker roadster, 9.910 to 9.909.
Sid Bonnecarrere came west from Louisisana and reached R3 before fouling against eventual winner Bertozzi. Has there ever been a more popular racecar than the hemi Dart/Barracuda?
I found this in Press parking.
Super Stock low qualifier was Buz Post and his SS/BM Grand Am from Arlington, Texas, a full 1.222 under the index!  Mid eight-second ride got him all the way to the quarter-finals where it was sawed down by Anthony Bertozzi's .516RT.
Greg Dreher's California Colt SS/LA Mustang is always impressive -- tiny 289 pumps out tens! Dreher fouled in the quarters.
Bob Duncan showed true SG class with his wheelstanding 39 Chevy from nearby Torrance Calif.
All the way from Valley Stream, NY came Ed Alessi Jr. with his 1963 Pontiac Catalina. Seemingly gigantic ride was driven well, reached the quarter-finals where it brokeout against eventual winner Kenny Yeoman.
In this world of belly-button racecars, it is refreshing to see something like Lucky Snyder's F/A Sunbeam Alpine. High-winder qualified 16th with an 8.289, reached the quarters before redliting.
This double cool Thames was the towcar for a Comp entry. Looks rather docile adjacent to fairly current Chevy.
And one from the Pro ranks... Chuck Worsham seemed to juggling grandchildren, holding one or the other twin all Sunday morning.

Phil Elliott

Thanks for checking out the PhilZone portion of Draglist.com. If you have accolades, complaints, comments, questions, or if you want to share a story, please feel free to post it on the PhilZone Message Board. Phil

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