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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Nice Folks at the National Hot Rod Reunion

By Bud DeBoer

Drag List scribe Bill Ott (left) and former east coast Top Fuel and Funny Car pilot Joe Jacono take a moment to share some chat about those "by-gone" years of the sport.

Atlanta's Hubert Platt takes a moment to pose along side a '64 Ford Thunderbolt dubbed the "Georgia Shaker," which with him at the helm, wreaked havoc whenever it raced during the mid-1960s.

No nostalgia event would be complete without an appearance by the legendary "Freight Train" twin motored AA/Gas dragster. A multiple national event winner in its prime, here owner John Peters poses with one of its early drivers, Goob Tuller.

...When you talk about legends and many were present at the inaugural NHRR, you have to include this man, "Ohio George Montgomery." George is seen here conversing with fans. His many time national event winning A/Gas Supercharged '33 Willys was a crowd favorite wherever it appeared.

Honored for his contributions to the sport at the NHRR, Raymond Godman takes a moment to pose with his A/Modified Roadster, "The Tennessee Bo-Weevil." Godman's efforts featured a variety of cars and drivers during his 25 or so years in active competition (1954-1979), during which he scored wins at several divisional and national events along the way.

Another NHRR honoree was Ken Hirata. Shown here with his son David, Hirata partnered with Phil Hobbs from 1961-1972 in a Top Gas car that saw wins in '63 and '65 at Indy as well as a runner-up at the 1969 Spring and Indy event. Then in 1999, after nearly three decades out of the limelight, Hirata returned to help his son David with an A/FD effort that has produced multiple national event wins and runner-ups thus far...

Bud DeBoer


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