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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Bruce Mullins' Top Alcohol Funny Car
Featured in Children's Book

By Bill Pratt

DK Big Book of Race Cars is available at Amazone.com.Division 1 Top Alcohol Funny Car racer Bruce Mullins took part in a photo shoot near Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C., in November 1999 for a very special purpose. He and the "War Horse" Top Alcohol Funny Car had been chosen to represent drag racing in a children's book about race cars.

The 32-page children's book, titled the "Dorling Kindersley (DK) Big Book of Race Cars," features a variety of racing machines from the conventional to the unusual. Mullins is its sole drag racing representative.

Author Carey Combe contacted Drag Racing List publisher Bill Pratt after searching the Internet for drag racing cars. She explained that she, book designer Mandy Earey, and photographer Richard Leeney would be shooting various racing machines all over the United States and asked if he could recommend a funny car. Coincidentally, the night before, Pratt and Mullins had established a verbal contract for Pratt's other website -- www.racetel.com -- to provide associate sponsorship for Mullins' 2000 racing season. This new relationship, and the acknowledged beauty of the War Horse Mustang, made Bruce Mullins and the War Horse team a perfect fit for the project.

The group from Dorling Kindersley made a whirlwind one week tour of the United States in November 1999. They traveled to Denver (Snowmobile racing), San Diego (Desert racing), Tampa (Powerboats), North Carolina (NASCAR), and Indianapolis (Indy car) before making one last stop near Washington to shoot Mullins' Funny Car before returning home. Pratt got agreement from Bruce and Pattie Mullins to feature their car, quickly arranged a shooting location near Dulles Airport, and hoped for good weather. A sunny day rewarded all involved and the shoot was a resounding success. Author Combe interviewed Bruce on the operation of the car to provide the associated text.

British publishers Dorling Kindersley have a huge and well-established market, and this book joins a successful series of books about big trucks, amazing cars, and monster machines. The images were cut out and placed on a white background along with smaller photos containing details about the machine. The pictures are accompanied by explanatory text. Former drag racing participants in the Dorling Kindersley series include an NHRA Super Comp dragster and NHRA Top Fuel racer Joe Amato. The "DK Big Book of Race Cars" was published in December 2001 and is available in most bookstores and at Amazon.com

Bill Pratt


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