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Re: Platt, Aquasco, Craig & me!

Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 12:41 pm
by Barb
Barb, how did a lady from Alex., Va. meet D.A. from PA? By the way after racing on Rt. 295 Raceway, we would go up to Craig Hennige's shop in Oxon Hill and party. "Whoopee Craig" is a radio announcer on an "Oldies" radio in Waldorf, Md. and is a party "DJ". You can get him at
LMAO Jack!! That was comical as Domenic would always say DA from PA and BA from VA. Believe it or not, I was working for Buster and Anne at Suffolk for a points meet (fuel check and scales). It was the 4th of July weekend and they required us to be there on the 4th even though there wasn't any racing. It was a hot one and everyone was at the pool .. need I say anymore?

Nope, not from Alexandria, I came from the high rent district over near the hills .. as in country hills :P :lol: :lol:

Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 12:48 pm
by jim sanders
:P A High Maintence Unit :wink:

Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 2:37 pm
by Barb
:P A High Maintence Unit :wink:
Not quite .. remember, we had a fuel funny car :D

Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 2:47 pm
by jim sanders
:lol: A fuel car seems to attract the best of them :twisted:

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 12:03 am
by Jack Redd
Okay, it has been awhile. I screwed up again and somehow, well I guess I posted a "POST" instead of a reply. First new members of the (JA) Jack Approved Decal Club. They are;, Ed Rachanski and his Henderson, Nevada Museum (checkout his website). Z-Max, the dragway too, Valerie Harrell, (her father was JA'd at the AHRA N.Y. National in 1967) (I covered the meet for Car Craft & John Raffa), Dale Pulde, Motor Menders of York, Deco Rides (more on this down the article), Terry Cook, Jack Thomas, Jim & Maxine Walther & the "Special Edition AA/FD, Cindy's Pancake Plus in La Plata, Md., Forrest Bond, Fred Badcock and the Standard 1320 Club & members.
From the post BA Buster & JA. BA from VA, what have you been up too? RH tell your brother to be at OD too. I smoked my first King Edward cigar on the Wilson Line heading to Marshall Hall by the way of Mt. Vernon. General George would not let me off of he boat. The Licklitter Bros., Carlton Phillips (who carried his Camaro in a converted school bus packed with JA Grog,, Yes, I had a few!), the Yankey Bros., Carroll Carter and Hustlin Henry Butler are just some of the old timers coming to Old Dominion' Dragstrip Reunion August 17th. They are trying to get Monk Reynolds there also. That is where Eastern Drag News started!
Julio Marra is on a vacation, so the will not be added too for awhile. Check it out, it will have pictures from Aquasco Speedway and Capitol Racway from the 60's to the 80's.
I mention Buster Couch the starter for NHRA before. How he stood on the starting line for hours without leg cramps is beyond me. I was the first IHRA starter for Larry Carrier at he first IHRA race at Rockingham. That night, the announcer Ralph Hamilton and Al "Super Jew" Friedman had to hold me down, my legs cramped up so bad. That was the end for me!
Now you want to see some wild rides? Checkout Deco Terry Cook (Drag News, Drag World, Car Craft etc.) builds some wild machines. He will have one at York in July this year.
RH you mention the 1320 Club. Oh the memories. It was first Club Nightengale. Then Monk Reynolds took some of the money he made from the Super/Stock Nationals, brought it and changed the name to the 1320 Club. It was the first "Topless" Club in Virginia. I installed all of the carpet in there while he had the dancers perform trying get booked in. Almost lost my eyesight! From time to time I will write stories how he started Eastern Drag News and Super/Stock & Drag Illustrated Magazine. I also installed carpet in his mansion the night President Nixon resigned. Also installed carpet in his barn for his horses. By the way, Christopher "Supeman" Reeves got hurt on his farm "Showday". It was not funny, but we joked that "Superman" could stop a speeding train and a bullet and fly like an airplane, but couldn't ride a horse. We were very sad about his injuries and his death.
Okay on the brighter side. My first tee-shirt that started a collection of well over 150 different racers and manufacturers (wore out two washers and dryers including the ones I won from the Tide contest and counted by Father Ed Aigner & Shoey of Drag Times Spectators View). I was at the '63 Indy Nationals and there was a guy from Canada, "Indian Bob" Beezer who was and dressed like an Indian. He helped on the starting line. He was late, so I was hanging around with Buster and Tommy Lynn (who was the announcer at Cecil County Dragway). "Sneaky Pete" Robinson had the hydraulic jacks on his dragster. What a sight to see a dragster standing on the line spinning his tires and going nowhere. By the way Father Ed is a priest in Salisbury, Md. now. Okay, now you know back in the days there were very few famous tracks, Lions & York US30. where the most famous. Well, Bill Holz who ran York gave me a York US 30 t-shirt to put on while I helped out on the line while waiting for the "Indian". York was sanctioned by NHRA. Either Wally or Ed Eaton sent someone out and told me to either take the shirt off or leave the line. Heck, I left. A NHRA track that can't advertise at Indy! The second and third t's were Crane Cams given to me by Harvey Crane himself (another story coming of me and Harvey in Vegas) and a Hurst. Enough for now don't you think?.
Why don't KFC advertise that "all of their meat is FOWL"?
Going back to selling "Atomic Bras"! They catch all fallout!

and a Hurst. I still have


Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:04 pm
by Jack Redd
Well gang, a BIG storm just blew by and WOW, I'll be picking up limbs tomorrow. Hope RH & Gator homes are okay again. And I am sure that MIR got hit real hard. I hope everyone had a great weekend. RH, Boswell's car was a D/MP when he sold it. Rapid Randy, I hope you were more pleased after the Bowling Green Show, then you thought you would be! After attending an old co-workers funeral on Friday, from my Accident Recovery days, I was thinking about attending MIR and of course stopping at the Stone's Store at the entrance of MIR for a couple of my JA Grog drinks. But that is another story.

MD. International Raceway started out as St. Mary's Dragway in 1965 and finished it '66 and was built by Joe LaRoque. He operated a trucking company. A week before opening day Tom Raley in the Champion Auto dragster along with Fred Forkner, "Starvin Marvin" Schwartz, Ray Marsh and their AA/FD's along with a few other race cars made a few passes down the then 100' wide and almost a mile long track. The next week was the NASCAR $10,000 Meet. It was won by Ronnie Still from Delaware in a blown Chevy-powered dragster over the likes of the big Chrysler-powered cars of The Ramhargers, Connie Kalitta, Toil & Urbas, the Durban Bros., the " Calif Woody" of Dave Babler etc. The track lasted a few more years and was bought by a Pontiac car dealer Bill Cairns, and changed the track name to Budd's Creek Dragway.

Bill later tried to get the the former owners of Cecil County Dragway to buy the track and turned him down. An offer they couldn't refuse! They did. Along came Larry Clayton and Tod Mack took the offer and changed the name to MIR. Four funnies or buses at a time, it was great to see.
While Bill had the track, Ben Brown and Ed Rachanski booked in a Funny Car Show. One of funnies broke, so I put in Gene Altizer's alky-injected Chevy funny as a replacement. Man, he almost won the show. In fact, I threw out a couple of well known cars for being broke and coming to the line to make a pass and couldn't. I would bring back in the low e.t. loser to make a show for the people. That is what it is all about. No SINGLE runs!
By the way, if you are ever in Henderson, Nevada stop in Ed's Museum, it is a great place for the racing fan to visit.

Now Royce Miller is the latest owner of MIR. Hey Royce, I was the one who delivered the storage box trailer to your Shell Station in Manassas, Va., with the yellow Raley's tractor & trailer in the early '90's.

On a sad note, Joe LaRoque had a farm, not too far from track. A few years ago while a cow was giving birth, kick him in the head and killed him while waiting for the animal doctor. to arrive. He was a great friend of mine.

Hope to see you at York in July and Old Dominion Speedway August 17th.
For the latest on O.D. checkout their website.

For the newest members of the (JA) Jack Approved Decal Flyers Club, they are; Franks Sports Bar in Oxon Hill, Md., Frank Privitera, the "Whooppee " Anglia,, Nancy & Sam Worsley, Jeremy, Jackson, Tyler & Carley Hebb, the Italian Inn in Landover, Md., Mimi Gioni, Crissey Kincaid, Mike Todd, Charlie Rucker, Bill Gribble, Kenny Talbert, Linda Reamy, Lelean Tolson Loman (her ex-husband "Fatback" Ray Tolson was the Figure-8 World Stock Car Champion years ago at West Islip Speedway N.Y.) Lisa Buckler, VFW 9376 (J.Paul Duke Memorial Post) in Clinton, Md., Bill Pitts and the famous T.C. Lemons.

If a girl 15 is married to a guy who 45, he is three times older than her. 15 years later, she 30 and he is 60. Now, he is half as old as her. How long will it take for her to catch up with him?

Going back to selling "Satellite Drawers" for the women who think their butts are out of this world.

Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:21 pm
by draglist
Great stuff, Jack! bp

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:45 am
by Gator
Good Morning Jack..
Thanks for the good thoughts.
Looking forward to York !

( wait till you see Sam Auxier's recently restored Mustang ProStocker ! )

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 5:47 pm
by RH
Everything good here in Stafford,lost power but no damage.Thanks for your concern.I believe Stones sold everything in the store this weekend :lol:

See you at O.D.


Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:18 pm
by thunderlungs

Thanks for the update. It's 108-degrees in Tucson today. Stay dry out there!

Yer bud,