Bruton Smith's dog & pony show...just what I thought!

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Re: Bruton Smith's dog & pony show...just what I thought!

Postby Zappy » Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:00 pm

Barb, I think you misunderstand something here dear. Theres no more danger here than a normal race. Car 1 + 2 can still get together. Car 3 + 4 can get together. BUT 1+2 cannot get to 3 + 4 because there is a wall between lanes 1-2 and 3-4.

CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF; zMAX in NOT one 4 lane strip. Like we had in the old days. It's two (twin) two lane tracks, side by side. So you see theres no more risk then we have now.

Folks I may be wrong here but this could be the biggest thing to hit drag racing since blowers & nitro.

It may work may not. Guess we all have to wait & see.

as for me, I'll be there to see for myself.

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Re: Bruton Smith's dog & pony show...just what I thought!

Postby WildcatOne » Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:46 pm

I think it's all good points, pro and con. I remember the NHRA running dragsters vs funny cars for a while. I thought it was interesting, it had moments of intensity, but not something I would want to see at every event. That lasted a couple of years...come to think of it, it was at a Bruton Smith track...It wasn't a points race, same with the Winston Invitational, which that deal must have been inserted in the schedule to replace...but the Invitational was run pretty much as a traditional event. I suppose they'll be running special stuff like this once in a while, but even with the wall between them, it still looks more risky to me. We'll find out, won't we! I also agree with RH about so much going on that it's too much to take in all at once. In a 2-car race (or even a solo pass), I've seen more happen than I can actually describe, and although I'm plugging my ears, I do my best not to blink during the run. Z-Max is apparently the crown jewel of NHRA tracks, and it's Bruton's baby, so I would imagine he can have that race run any old way he wants it to. I do think it's unfair that they didn't consult PRO before making the deal to do it, though. Is the NHRA running those races, or is Bruton Smith running the NHRA? My 2 cents. Cheers, WC1
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Re: Bruton Smith's dog & pony show...just what I thought!

Postby PJ » Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:52 pm

Pops you are a little off.
Yes it is 2 tracks but to think that cars in lanes 1 and 2 can't get to 3 and 4 is off. Sure a slightly squirrly pass will have no issue but we've all seen enough accidents to know cars can hop those walls. heck you wont sit near the top end because of the chance.

I liked the exhibition passes last year and I would be all for them again. But it was simply for the sounds and power, as far as race wise, nobody had a clue who did what, when, where or how. I'm willing to to see how it goes but I truely have my doubts about it.

Part of the draw of our sport has been the one on one challenge, line up give it all you got. Now the countdown, now 4 wide where you can lose but still move on a round. Seems to slowly chip away at our sport.

Did the 4 wide exhibition even get any mainstream publicity last year?

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Bob Kraemer
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Re: Bruton Smith's dog & pony show...just what I thought!

Postby Bob Kraemer » Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:12 am

I got tired of NHRA's dog & pony show over 15+ years ago & haven't been back since.
There are only 2 ways to get me to go to a nHrA national event.
1) Free tickets, free gas, free parking, free food, free travel, free booze AND last but not least, FREE HOOKERS

2) I have a car to crew on, with all "expenses" paid, +plus+ CASH.
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Re: Bruton Smith's dog & pony show...just what I thought!

Postby Zappy » Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:25 am

Ok, we have all seen cars hop the wall. RARE, but it can and does happen. I'll give you that. But if we're THAT safety minded do we.. (A) put a wall between lanes ?? (so 1 & 2 cant crash each other).. or.. (B) run one car at a time, then have the computer factor RT's AND ET's to see who won???

Now I agree there are NO ties in drag racing, the format of each time 4 go down, the first two advance to the next round is WRONG. Out of each race ( RD) of 4, the WINNER only should advance. But the format is a whole nuther issue, don't EVEN get me started on that.

I guess we've all heard the old saying...close only counts in.... horse shoes - handgrenades - and nhra. :P :P


Re: Bruton Smith's dog & pony show...just what I thought!

Postby Zappy » Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:36 am

I hear ya Mr. Kraemer, I too have been very up-set with nhra the last few years. ie not counting 13 thru 16 qual. on Fri. - the count down - silly fines - and safety issues.

But I think they just MAY be on to something here... jmo.

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Re: Bruton Smith's dog & pony show...just what I thought!

Postby WCB » Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:31 am

4 lane drag racing... :roll:

Why ?

Will they "replay" the runs on huge TV screens to see who finished 2nd,3rd, 4th ? ( then play "paint drying" to match the "thrill" of the pass just completed) :shock:

again..."Staging" ? ...that will be interesting.. :D

Despite "doomsday forcasters" , Pro Drag Racing has grown, gotten better as it why mess with it?

The Safety concerns of 4 lane fiascos are evident..Many Many...Barb aptly pointed out some....

Hell, if I was The Snake..I'd be damned glad to not be a part of the " 4 lane" highway by brutie smith..........

The Future of Drag Racing ? 4 lane racing? Please !

I'll stick to my motorcycle, boat and trips to Charlestown & watch Golf on TV , when I'm around....

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Re: Bruton Smith's dog & pony show...just what I thought!

Postby Barb » Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:17 pm

Thank you PJ and Wally.

Zappy, what I was trying to point out with the accidents that I mentioned .. parts and pieces of the cars went flying everywhere. The retaining wall between the lanes will not stop all those pieces from flying into the other lanes nor will it stop a vehicle from flying over it. That can lead to the devistation of not just one race car but possibly all 4. I'd hate to see one or more of the drivers being injured or killed due to the fact some people think it's cool or it will put more butts in the stands.

I worked for the NHRA many, many years ago at the top end. There were certain drivers (not mentioning any names here) that we would all be on guard to keep our heads up for flying pieces. When we were racing, I also remember an incident at Bristol's Thunder Valley where we were in the pits and a certain TF car ran and blew the engine so bad that it damaged a few vehicles in the pits.

Wheelz hit the nail on the head ....
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Re: Bruton Smith's dog & pony show...just what I thought!

Postby Diana The Doc » Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:17 am

It's no secret, that over the years, that there are issues that Bruton Smith and I don't necessarily agree on, especially when it comes to, ahem, "formats" used to, ahem, "exploit" motorsports... I know that his idea of racing leans far more towards dressing up drivers in "clown suits" and having them race in "reverse gear"-- Bruton and I have much different ways of thinking when it comes to what is "appropriate" in maintaining a sense of "dignity" among those who choose to participate in motorsports... And of course I understand that this is a "free country" in which we live, and that each of us, are by law, entitled to our own opinion of what kind of rules, regulations, and behavior constitutes proper competitive motorsports... There's absolutely no denying that there are additional safety concerns with sending four cars, as opposed to the "traditional" two cars simultaneously down the drag strip... I hope that just like when "responsible" racers compete on "only" two lanes, that when racers are competing on four lanes, that they will all act "responsibly" and "conservatively", meaning, if a racer feels his car is getting even slightly "out of the groove" or "breaking parts", they will have the brains and consideration to immediately abort the run, and make the race safer for themselves and the racers in the other "three" lanes... Look, I am aware that there's people in this motorsports "bu$ine$$", people like Bruton Smith, who believe that drag racing continues to fall extremely and miserably short of what they believe could possibly be its "commercial" and "mainstream" potential-- And these same people are determined to do "what ever it takes" in trying to take drag racing to a "financial plateau" closer to the kind of "number$" we see in NA$CAR-- I just hope that we can retain some level of "dignity", and that the safe and standard "firesuit", doesn't eventually get replaced with a "clown suit"... All you racers reading this, I implore you to drive RESPONSIBLY if you're going to be competing in the four lane format, for your safety, and the safety of the other racers... Thanks... "The Doc" (Celebrity Drag Racing Authority & Visionary)...

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