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Danny's Corner

Memorial: J.R. Carey and Gene Johnson

by Danny White (2/98)

Paris Drag Strip was struck with two hard blows in the past month with the passing of J.R. Carey and Gene Johnson.

J.R. Carey of Paris was 87 years old and the oldest drag racer in the world. The popular Mr. Carey ran his last race this past summer before retiring due to health problems. The career of J.R. Carey spanned over sixty years in racing. He ran his first race at a local Louisiana fair -- and he won. Mr. Carey earned $25 for his efforts. He was involved in drag racing, dirt track, bull rings, go-carts, speedboats, and even mule teams. The highest accolade Mr. Carey earned was the International Championship he won in endurance go-cart racing. Mr. Carey was featured on The Nashville Network's NHRA Today television show several years ago and gained a couple of sponsors because of it. The family of J.R. Carey gave his No Electronics 1963 Chevy II to Paris Drag Strip as a memorial.

Gene Johnson of Sulphur Springs, Texas, age 50, passed away Monday the 3rd of February due to a heart attack. Gene was a latecomer to serious drag racing, starting in the No Electronics class three years ago in a 1980 Corvette. Gene's goal was to be track champion in the tough No Electronics class, a goal he achieved in 1997. Gene was a well-liked and popular racer because of his calm demeanor and his ability to be amazingly consistent week in and week out. Gene celebrated his birthday and received his Paris Track Champion trophy the Friday before he died.

The Paris Drag Strip track management and their fellow racers express deepest condolences to the families of J.R. Carey and Gene Johnson. Both gentlemen will be missed by all who knew them.

Danny White, 2/12/98


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