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Bill's Notes
Jan 1, 2014

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Drag Racing Daily Briefing

Links to the drag racing resources you need to check on a daily basis.

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Hello! We're glad you found us!

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We search the web every day for drag racing in the news, cool drag racing websites, and anything else we think you'll like. Then we post it right here for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

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What your pals on the Draglist forum are up to today.

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The main page of all drag racing lists.

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Yep... ten THOUSAND drag racing and automotive links in 50 categories.

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Hundreds of draglist.com stories and event reports.

Thousands and thousands of drag racing photos.

The latest Youtube drag racing movies plus dozens of Draglist's own archived video clips.

Our great columnists have been a huge part of Draglist.com over the years.

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All the volunteer heroes who help put draglist.com together plus the history of how we got here.

This covers our original HTML pages -- 6500 of them!

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Photo Classifieds
We partner with RacingJunk.com, the top drag racing and hot car classified site on the 'net!

Nitro Nova
Flyin' Phil Elliott's nostalgia fuel funny car buildup site.

60s Funny Cars
Danny White and an army of volunteers with photos and info on 60s FCs.

70s Funny Cars
Jeff Thomas' original FC site lives on at Draglist.com as Danny and the flopper army keep adding new photos and info.

80s Funny Cars
The third site in the Funny Cars trilogy, this one covering the great machines of the 1980s.

Gasser Madness
Byron Stack's terrific Gasser site has returned at Draglist.com as Bill, Danny, and hundreds of Gasser and Factory Experimental die-hards work together.

Drag Racing Photos
Here is our SmugMug site where we upload tons of photos from drag racing events, car shows, and drag racing reunions.

Steve Klemetti's Drag Stats
Our killer 'numbers guy' and his original website, which contains priceless national record and performance information from over the years.

Our page of drag racing favorites and essential utilities.


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