Come to the USA-1 DragFest!

Bruce Larson is putting on the 3rd Annual Drag Racing Nostalgia Bash at his Pennsylvania Barn


You are all officially invited to a unique get together this Saturday, April 15, 2000, at Bruce Larson's Stony Creek Barn in Dauphin, PA, located just north of Harrisburg, PA.

Bruce's barn is a small museum filled with memorabilia, some of his funny cars, his Cobra and a street rod or two. There will be nostalgia drag videos, movies and slide shows going all day as well as heavy BS sessions! There will be tables for photo books and some goodies for sale as well. Rub elbows with some big names in vintage drag racing as well as local racers from the past. Everyone shares the common interest in vintage drag racing and the air will be thick with the aroma of it all. Any and all photo scrapbooks, no matter how extensive, are welcome.

This is the third year of the event. In the past it has essentially been a loose invitation only deal, this year it is opening up a bit. The desire is to keep it to only hardcore vintage aficionados though. Bring an interested friend or two if you like. Keep in mind this is not an NHRA style fan circus though.

The cost will be $10 at the door which includes a simple sandwich / pizza meal, snacks and soft drinks... and possibly a memento of the event. No booze and no smoking please. The barn is also Bruce's place of business.

For details, directions, etc. and courtesy RSVP please contact ...

Dave Heisey 717-866-4139
Dick Gerwer  717-626-1998

Be sure to say that Bill from sent you!

Feel free to spread the word to like-interested friends... we trust your discretion.

See you there!

Bill Pratt


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