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Drag Racing Picture of the Day!

Photo Review: Bandimere 2003

By Lee Craker

Friday Fuelers

10. Mike Strasburg B&J Transmissions Dragster 5.070 294.18

11. Paul Romine CARQUEST Auto Parts Dragster 5.161 225.37

Friday Funnies

1. Tim Wilkerson Levi, Ray & Shoup Firebird 5.007 297.16

3. Whit Bazemore Matco Tools Stratus 5.061 300.00

9. John Force Castrol GTX Mustang 5.159 290.38

16. Gary Scelzi Dodge Stratus 5.221 282.24 

19. Jack Wyatt Piranha Z Firebird 5.338 277.37

20. Bob Bode Pro Motorsports/Arbee Firebird 5.386 226.09

21. Keith Jackson J4 Racing Firebird 5.532 213.67


Saturday Fuelers

1. Larry Dixon Miller Lite Dragster 4.790 308.64

3. Doug Kalitta MAC Tools Dragster 4.803 305.77

5. David Baca American Racing Dragster 4.830 302.82

7. Melanie Troxel waits out the rain delay at Bandimere on Saturday

13. John Smith Prestone Dragster 5.499 214.52

16. Mitch King Dragster 10.293 80.80

Saturday Funnies

6. John Force Castrol GTX Mustang 5.103 296.76

7. Frank Pedregon K&N Filters Firebird 5.112 297.09

8. Cruz Pedregon Advance Auto Parts Firebird 5.112 289.32

9. Gary Densham AAA of So. Cal. Mustang 5.121 276.75

10. Ron Capps Skoal Racing Camaro 5.129 293.35

13. Del Worsham Checker Schuck's Kragen Firebird 5.147 292.14

Saturday Bikes

7. Angelle Savoie US Army Suzuki 7.583 180.33

Sunday Finals

John Force traveled a mile high to post his first victory this season. Shown here in a victory over Cruz Pedregon in the final.

Force put on a show as majestic as the Colorado Mountains. As the temperatures reached 100 degrees in the stands, Force was busy putting on a heat show of his own. Shown here in the semi final round against Whit Bazemore.

Blane Hale came from the 16th position for his first time ever pro win.

Local favorite Mike Berry finishes in second place.

Shawn Gann catches one of many red lights in the pro bike class.

Lee Craker


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