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Drag Racing Picture of the Day!

10/31/02 - RIP, Slammin' Sammy Miller
10/30/02 - Ray Gustafson's '68 Camaro: World Wheelstanding Champion!
10/29/02 - Todd Logan's Division 1 Econo Altered
10/28/02 - Studebaker Lark Goes Wheels Up in Division 7
10/27/02 - Flyin' Goat: Wheelstanding GTO Goes Airborne
10/26/02 - White Racing Top Bike Motorcycle Drag Racing
10/25/02 - Phil Lukens and the Blair's Speed Shop Blown Fiat Altered
10/24/02 - Hubert Platt's Georgia Shaker Mustang
10/23/02 - Troy Green's AA/Fuel Dragster at the CHRR
10/22/02 - Supercharged '68 Camaro Pro Street Burnout
10/14/02 - Terry Iveys' Dodge Charger Funny Car at Dragway 42
10/13/02 - Bagwell's Hemi Cuda at Gainesville
10/12/02 - Don Dicero's 'Dago Express III' Chevy AA/Altered 
10/11/02 - Mac McCord's Gorilla AA/ Fuel Altered Keeps on Swinging
10/10/02 - Bob Rieger's Outrageous Turbocharged '57 Chevy Pro Mod
10/09/02 - Jim Oddy's Austin Gasser
10/08/02 - Delgado Racing's Flamed Chevy Chevelle
10/07/02 - Ron Lewis: Five From Indy
10/06/02 - Pro Mod Mustang Smoky Burnout
10/05/02 - Ray Helger's Flathead Powered Front Engine Dragster
10/03/02 - Ron Biekx's "Bad To The Bone" Fiat AA/Fuel Altered
10/02/02 - Mac Pressley's Hartsoe Bros. Anglia Gasser
10/01/02 - Jack Muenzer's Mondello Performance Parts '50 Oldsmobile

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