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Desperately Seeking (3)

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Although it's probably been butchered like a pig, I'm still seeking my 1969 John Buttera AA/FD w/192" wheelbase. Sold in California in 1972, it went to Indiana (or Illinois) to begin its new life as an A/FD (guy named Crowe I think).  Last seen (maybe) at an auction in Indy about 8 years ago.  Car has unique features including a hand carved steering wheel.  See Photos. Contact: Don Ewald don@nitroparts.com

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

I am seeking old photos from the era of the Frantic Four '63-'66. Did get some from the Jim Kelly collection, but would like more if anyone has them to sell. Thanks, Dennis Holding, E-mail: dpiincdfw@aol.com

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

I'm not sure you know that we sell vintage and nostalgia speed equipment. We specialize in hard core drag race parts. We supply some of the museums and finest car collections in the country, as well as completing award winning restorations. We have sold 28 vintage dragsters and altereds, and funny cars, too. These included some real treasures like an Adams and Enriquez car, a Mooneyham and Sharp car, the Mallicoat Bros., Jim Herbert's Lizard, the Trillo Bros., John Wiebe, Ron Attebury, Gordie Bonin's Bubble Up car, and more. We have been doing this for 14 years, since the nostalgia drags first started. There are still some treasures out there. We currently have 6-7 cars on the books right now. I am looking for the twin engine car of Larry Van Unen w/big block Chevys in it. Last I heard, it was in the Carlsbad area in SoCal. It's got a wide chassis and short body. Anyone? Our website is www.racecarparts.com Brendan Murray

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Hi, I'm the current owner of a 1948 4-door Austin that used to be called the AUSTIN STRANGLER that ran in the D/A class somewhere in the Englishtown, New Jersey, area. I bought it from a gentleman in western New York who has since moved out of the area. I'm trying to locate any pictures from its racing days. If you have anything, I'm interested. Contact Joe at jraustin8@aol.com Thanks!

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Looking for any information on a 1934 Chevy Sedan Delivery called the Blown Hearse that use to race at Charlestown, RI, and Dover, NY, back in the early 60's. It ran a 409 with a GMC Blower. Trying to redo the car. Any help or leads appreciated. Tom (T27sedan@aol.com)

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Bill, Am looking for guy who use to race at Orange County International Raceway. His name is Richard F. Stroder, nickname Mapy. His car was a 67 Chevelle, named Miss America Pie. If any one knows his where abouts or what happened to him. Please e-mail me at Dreamcastle1@aol.com. Thank you for your help! Candie (This isn't Richard Schroeder, is it? bp)


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