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Danny's Corner
Dec 30, 2003

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Aussie Altereds: A Photo History

Photos by David Cook

Text by David Cook and Danny White

One thing you can say about Australia -- they love their altereds. David Cook, the world famous journalist, sent us some shots of famous Aussie Altereds. Thanks from draglist.com go out to David and his ongoing efforts to get drag racing back in Sydney.

Graeme Cowin’s “Psycho II” at Castlereagh during the 1971 season. This was one of the first blown altereds in Australia. Note the similarities to a certain AA/FA from America?

Cowin out on “The Crazyman” John Taylor at Calder in 1971. Both cars are on gas but both would later switch to nitro!

John “The Crazyman” Taylor’s out control fire burnout in 1972. The man in the foreground is the track manager of Castlereagh, Dave Andrew.

The year is now 1974 and Cowin’s new car is a full on AA/FA. He is kicking a rod out on this burnout!

Cowin entering the traps at the defunct Castlereagh track in 1974. This was the first 200 M.P.H. AA/FA outside the United States after a little tuning from visiting American Flip Schofield.

Cliff Kiss in his AA/FA during 1973.

Jim Walton was an Australian AA/FA legend. This shot is from 1975 from the defunct Adelaide track.

Jim Walton and Graeme Cowin racing at Castlereagh in 1974.

Bob Dunn’s killer AA/FA from the year 1974.

Peter Lodge’s “Hombre” AA/FA Fiat from New Zealand in 1975.

Kerry Johnson’s wheelstanding “County Hemi” AA/FA at Surfer’s Paradise in 1975.

Jim Reed in his wild looking AA/A during the mid 1970s.

Richard Motby in Bob Dunn’s former car at Castlereagh.

Steve Reed, the son of Jim Reed, in his Pro Comp AA/A at Surfers Paradise.

Gary Pitcher’s AA/A Pro Comper from 1982. Note the paint scheme that was similar to the “Sheepherder” from the United States.

Ian Splatt racing at Heathcote in 1982. This car was a solid low seven-second performer in Aussie Pro Comp action.

Two AA/A Pro Compers shooting it out in 1982. “Jungle Jim” Carter in the near lane holeshots Gary Pitcher.

The last time two AA/FAs faced off in Australia at Adelaide in 1989. The transformers of Geoff Pratt in his “Blue Thunder” (left) and “Jungle Jim” Carter (right) replaced their usual funny car bodies for this retro AA/FA match race.

David Cook

Danny White


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