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Danny's Corner
Oct 20, 2006

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Pro Tree Productions: TOPMA

Text By Danny White ~ Photo by Gena White

Robert from Pro Tree Productions shooting a TOPMA race.

Teddy Robinson has been videotaping Texas Pro Mod races for years under the Teddy Bear banner, which is now called Pro Tree Productions. Teddy and his cameraman Robert do more with two cameras than seems possible. They are so well that put the big budget ESPN 2 to shame with their video quality and sound. Robert does the starting line shots while Teddy does the down track shooting.

The DVD we reviewed was from a race at Redline Raceway at Caddo Mills and Houston Motorsports Park in north Houston. The first race is from earlier this at Caddo Mills. It is a race where Booby Booth won with an amazing 4.07, 4.07, and a 4.05 in the final round to defeat Thomas Myers. The qualifying action is all shown as well from the very well lighted track in Caddo Mills. Crowd reaction shots are shown as well as crew shots.

The second race on the DVD was from the new Houston Motorsports Park. You get the feel of the tightness of the track and fans in this video. It seems that the fans are right there on top of the racing action at the nice looking track. The only thing I did not like with this part of the DVD was you could not tell what the cars had run because the scoreboards were too bright to read. You had to listen to the announcer in the background, but that was not Pro Trees fault. You get to see Thomas Myers win his first race on the TOPMA circuit and the good nature ribbing between the racers after the race.

The best TOPMA racers are included on this DVD like Gaylen Smith, Frankie Taylor, Ken Thomas, Jackie Deaver, Jeremy Brown and others. An added feature to the H.M.P. part of the DVD is the accidents scenes borrowed from other people like Urban Hillbilly.

It shows some terrible crashes from the last couple of years along with fires and bad wheelstands. I donít mind seeing this action as long as the people did not get hurt in the incidents. Some these crashes are bad like Mel Eaves taking out the guardrail at Bradenton, Florida.

I would tell anybody this is a good DVD to own. I would suggest that some of the people who film the NHRA and IHRA races to watch these two men videotape the races and take some lessons. For more information about TOPMA videos contact Pro Tree Promotions at www.protreeproductions.com.


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