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Danny's Corner
Feb 23, 2007

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The 3.80 Zone

Text by Danny White ~ Photos by Gena White

One of the magic barriers in drag racing is the 3.80 pass in eighth mile outlaw pro mod racing. It is such a hard thing to do that only five racers have recorded 3.80s to this point and only two of those occurred in actual racing. The other three have coming in testing. (These do not include the eighth mile progressive times from quarter mile passes).

Jason Scruggs has more 3.80 than anybody combined.

Jason Scruggs in the Scruggs Racing Corvette is the king of the 3.80s by far. Scruggs best time was a killer 3.813 at 198.44. Jason's run at last year's Rockingham ADRL race was seven hundredths faster than the next racer. The big ETs by Scruggs came at a price, however. The nation’s quickest and fastest outlaw Pro Mod did not win a race last year due to parts breakage, bad luck, and inconsistency due to the powerful set up he runs.

The next quickest run is a 3.884 at 187.00 test pass by Mike Neal in the Stroud Racing Studebaker. The three came on the car's first run with a new billet block at the ultra smooth South Georgia facility near Valdosta, Georgia. The Stroud Racing machine made only one pass that day! At the same test session, Josh Hernandez also busted the 3.80 zone with a 3.885 at 195.31 in Tommy Lipar’s Dr Moon‘s Rage. The pass is the third quickest and fastest outlaw Pro Mod ever. The run came in the team's rebuilt '57 Chevrolet that was damaged in an accident last year.

Bubba Stanton before his 3.89 run last year at Kennedale.

The great eighth mile racer Todd Tutterow also has run 3.80s in in testing. Tutterow hit the threes in his '40 Willys at Mooreville, NC, with a 3.89 at 191. Todd's pass was said to have been made with collector headers and grooved race slicks! The last three second Pro Mod run we know about was Bubba Stanton's pass at last year's ADRL race at Kennedale. The Widowmaker team ran 3.897 at 186.95 in the first round of the Battle of the Belts race. The only GM of this elite group, Stanton made his run using a Pontiac power plant topped by a massive 18-71 blower. The rest of the 3.80 cars were hemi powered.

These are the runs we know about so far. If you know of more, please drop us a line so we can make changes to the Drag Lists. The next barriers are the 3.70 second and the 200 MPH zones. It is time to pick your favorite racer to break these zones. It could be one of the 3.80 racers or it could be a dark horse. Only time will tell and we will be here to report it to you.

Danny White


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