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Danny's Corner
Mar 13, 2006

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Thomas Motorsports Kicks off 2006

Text by Danny White ~  Photo by David Elrod

The Texas Outlaw Pro Modified Association had its opening race of the year at Kennedale's Texas Raceway. Twelve teams showed for the eight car race. Thomas Motorsports entered two cars. It was an up and down night for the team. Both Ken Thomas and Heath Harvey made it into the field. Ken qualified number two with a 4.20 pass. Heath got into the field with an off-pace 4.88 that left him number eight.

In the first round, Ken Thomas easily defeated H.T. Wilson after Wilson had broken. The win came at a big cost when the engine expired in Thomas' "Bad Bird." Thankfully, Thomas was not hurt in the small fire caused by the incident. That left Thomas out for the night and unable to return for the semis.

Heath Harvey, on the other hand, got some good in his first round loss. Harvey ran his first ever Pro Mod round race and his best ever time of 4.25. The bad news was that it was on the receiving end of Booby Booth's 4.09.

The next TOPMA race is at Texas Raceway on the second Friday of next month. This weekend, there are two Pro Mod races coming up. Texas Raceway is holding a 16 car nitrous only Pro Mod race and Prescott Arkansas is holding its first Prescott Outlaw race of the year.

Ken won the final race of 2005 at Prescott, setting a new track record in doing so. It is unclear which race Thomas and Harvey will attend this weekend. If they can rebuild, they will be racing somewhere!

Photos by David Elrod


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