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Danny's Corner
Sep 7, 2010

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Top 10 Outlaw Pro Mods of All Time

Text by Danny White

Bill Kuhlmann

The first racer to 200 MPH in a slammer and almost the first to the fives with a 6.000, Kuhlmann was the leading racer for years in outlaw racing. (Photo by Brian Wikler)  

Jason Scruggs

Scruggs is the racer other look to for the latest innovation in outlaw slammer racing. Scruggs has the quickest small block for years that made big block shake in their boots. Scruggs was the first to 3.80's and 3.70's. (Photo by Gena White)

Charles Carpenter

Carpenter helped invent Pro Mod racing with his 55 Chevys, no question about it. Carpenter is still at it today with his deadly consistent 55 Chevy in ADRL racing. (Photo by Gena White)

Todd Tutterow

Tutterow has won crowns in ADRL, Quick 8, and Big Dog racing with various cars. He won with blown cars, nitrous cars and small blocks, he just wins!  (Photo by Gena White)  

Victor Bray

The best Top Doorslammer racer ever and best slammer racer in history outside of North America. Bray help innovate many things that the states soon followed. (Photo by Steve Thomas)

Scotty Cannon

The best legal Pro Mod racer ever in history that also won many Quick 8 races locally. (Photo by Thomas Nagy)

Rob Vandergriff

The mini Thunder Craft 57 Chevy was one of the most innovative cars all time in drag racing. Some cried foul, some loved it, and opponents hated racing it.  (Photo by Al Tracy)

Frankie Taylor

The Mad Man has come a long way since the nineties. Taylor is now the quickest outlaw in the country at 3.60. (Photo by Gena White)

Fred Hahn

The team of Hahn and Oddy won championships in many groups like USSC, IHRA, Super Chevy, and another I cannot think of right now. (Photo by Thomas Nagy) 


Jim Feurer

The legendary match racer was one of the best racers in the formative days of Pro Mods. (Photo by Hector Leal) 

Honorable Mentions

Bob Bunker/Dave Riolo

This is of racers goes together because they raced one another for years. They help invent index racing and later Pro Mod racing on the West Coast. Bunker's Beast just retired last year. 

Gaylen Smith

The head of TOPMA also one of the best known racers in Texas doorslammer action. The Texas Bounty Hunter has now asserted himself  as one the top ADRL racers now!  

Sonny Tindal

The grand old man of Southeastern slammer racing has been around for years. Tindal best known car was the early Quick 8 killer Gaffney's Nova, with it's nitrous powered altered wheelbase backed by a glide. It was legendary! 

Joe Delahay

Delahay has been around for years with his first claim to fame was a full size truck years ago. Joe recently won his fourth West Coast Pro Mod Association crown with his killer blown Camaro.

Tommy Mauney

The great chassis builder used to race almost anything in the early weekly Quick 8 action that predated Pro Mods. Mauney won with big blocks and small blocks, Lencos and glides, it just did not matter. Mauney just won a lot!

Bil Clanton

The Big Money team has been around since the beginning of Pro Stocks and they are still around today. The very popular Studebaker has won many races even tough it has several run in with guardrails. It is like the Timex watch!  

Hugh Scott

The Outlaw racer of Outlaw racers. Scott has raced many cars down the worst tracks you have have seen. Scott just won a lot on those tracks.

John Scialpi

Sciapli has had the Woppado '57 Chevy since high school and is still racing it today. Scialpi predated Pro Mod racing and help make it popular on the West Coast. 

Jim Halsey

Halsey is one of the innovators in nitrous doorslammer racing today. Halsey has the latest Fulton power plant of unknown inches along with partner Pat Stoken.      

Josh Hernandez

The Texas racer is one of the winningest racers in ADRL history and one of the first in the 3.60s! 


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