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Danny's Corner
Apr 9, 2005

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Top Ten Small Block Doorslammers, 2005

By Danny White

In 1999, I did an article on the world’s fastest small block doorslammers. Almost six years have passed since that first article and many things have changed in the top ten. Many small blocks of  have broken the six second barrier using all types of engines (blown, turbo, and nitrous). No nitrous cars made the top ten; Milt Decker was the quickest at 6.71. Also added to the foray is the onslaught of sport compact racers; three made the top ten. The last listing had only Fords, Chevys, and one Mopar. This time Ford and Chevy lead the list with four entries each. Toyota and Honda each have one. This has driven the top ten bump spot into the mid six-second range. Here is the unofficial top ten list.

1. 3.95 Jason Scruggs
Jason Scruggs is still king of the small blocks, in my opinion. The mighty PSI blown small block ‘63 Corvette is specially built to race the outlaw Pro Mod circuit in the south. He has run more sub-four second runs than anybody has right now. Only the Lord and the Scruggs know how much overdrive they run. The 3.95 was run with regular small block Brodix heads, not the splayed or canted valves. The Scruggs has built a new ‘63 Corvette, but with Hemi power. The killer small block will still run from time to time according to reports.

2. 6.39/3.99 Todd Tutterow
Todd Tutterow put together a killer small block a couple of years ago. It first went into a Cutlass, then last year went into an old Pro Stock Mustang. In 2004, Tutterow’s small block took off. He won the Big Dog series at Piedmont despite many rules being changed to slow him down. He raced the car with grooved slicks and with regular slicks. He ran 6.39 earlier this year on grooved slicks and 3.99 on regular slicks. The car has a PSI blown small block with Alan Johnson heads on a Chuck Nuytten block.

3. 6.42 Chuck Samuel
Chuck Samuel has been driving Kevin Marsh’s killer turbo Mustang for the last several years. The team is always a threat to win any race they decide to enter. The single turbocharged small block has raced to an amazing 6.42. The Mustang was formerly an I.H.R.A. Pro Stock. The team has had success running in Pro Street, Pro 5.0, and AA/AT in N.H.R.A. Comp.

4. 6.43 John Gullet
Hot on Samuel’s footsteps as the fastest Ford is John Gullet. He also runs a single turbocharger in a Mustang chassis. John Gullet does not race often it seems but he does have an impact when he does. The 6.43 stand as the number four run on our listing of small blocks. He also runs Pro Street, Pro 5.0, and AA/AT.

5. 6.46 Grant O’Rourke
Grant O’Rourke has the fastest small block outside the United States. His PSI blown small block ran a couple of 6.40 runs several years ago. Grant is teamed with his wife Debbie, who also drove they killer in Australian Comp eliminator. He now runs Top Doorslammer with a Hemi and the small block has been put away for now.

6. 6.52 Stephen Papadakis
Stephen Papadakis is the world’s quickest Sport Compact racer. The “AEM” Honda Civic races with a turbo Honda engine. The 6.52 came in testing, but he has run 6.54 in competition.

7. 6.57 Brad Personett
The Team Titan Toyota Celica proved last year that they were tough. The team has master turbocharger builder Ken Duttweiller on their side. Using the Toyota six cylinder for power, they ran a 6.57.

8. 6.59 Matt Hartford
The ECTO four cylinder that powers the Summit Cavalier could be the most powerful doorslammer per cylinder around. The team regrouped after John Lingenfelter's death and proved the worth of the little Chevrolet engine.

9. 6.59 Brendan McSweeney
The world’s fastest blown Ford block comes from Australia. The McSweeneys has raced BB/AP in Australia Comp eliminator for several years. The little Ford only has 325 inches of Fontana built cast iron block backed by PSI blower.

10. 6.60 Brian Weaver
Brian Weaver comes in at the number ten spot with his S-10 pickup. He has raced the truck infrequently over the last couple of years. Brian purchased the truck with a Ken Duttweiller engine all ready to race. He can be seen racing in Pro Street races.

Danny White


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