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Oct 14, 2011

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2011 East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame and Reunion

By Bud De Boer  

The 10th Annual East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame & Reunion will attract over 1,700 entries and nearly 40,000 performance enthusiasts to Henderson, NC, October 14, 15, 16, 2011.Its the largest antique/classic and nostalgia drag car event on the East Coast.

Planned and coordinated by Nancy Wilson, it's where legendary drag racers, antique & classic car collectors, writers, photographers, track operators, and fans reunite for a weekend of cruising, bench racing, scrapbook viewing, and a trip down memory lane.    


Ramchargers: Tom Coddington, Mike Buckel, Jim Thornton, Dick Jones, Barnes Daniels, Tom Hoover, David Rockwell, John Wehrly and Pete McNicholl. The 'High & Mighty' will be on display beside the Ramchargers booth.

Arlen Vanke, Hubert Platt, Tommy Grove, Dave & Susie Koffel, Steve Reyes, Mike Valerio, Bud De Boer, Francis Butler, S & S Racing Team, Gene Altizer, Fred Bear, Dave Hales, Bob Banning, Tom Sneden, Dave Reitz, Kenny Warren, Carol 'Bunny' Burkett, Billy Lynch, The Pacers, Jim Walther, Kenny Warren, Greg Sullivan, 'Bullet' Bob Reed, Bret Kepner, and many more.

Nostalgia Drag Cars: Mopar Missile (Ben Donhoff, Larry Mays, Joe Pappas, Dick Oldfield, Ted Spehar, Gene Yetter) Virginian, Bounty Hunter, Finders Keepers, Sox & Martin cars, S & S Team Cars, Virginia Twister, 'Bunny' Burkett's funny car, Thunder Shifter, King Kong, Hartsoe Brothers Angelia, Blue Mountain Express, Billy Lynch dragster, (Pat Fosters last project) 2 Arlen Vanke cars, Herman Lewis AMX, Jerry Baltes dragster, Hurri-Cain II, Don Grotheer '68 SS car, High & Mighty MoPar, Susie Koffel's '39 Plymouth, The Frenchman, The Pacers 'TAZ' , Quick Silver '68 Z28 Pure Stock, holds 104 National Records and others will be posted later.

Along with nostalgia drag cars, this event also draws a large gathering of street rods, muscle cars, motorcycles, and restored antiques for Show & Shine competition. Lined up side-by side, they turn the main avenue and surrounding side streets of downtown Henderson into a giant pedestrian mall as one vehicle after another stands proud for all to see.

In addition, the East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame also pays tribute to drag racing pioneers from the 50's, 60's,' and 70's. This years inductees include Pat Bilbow (Posthumous), Francis Butler, John & Beth Collins, Bud De Boer, Bobby DiMino, Susie Koffel, Clem LaChance, Steve Reyes, Mike Valerio, Arlen Vanke Lifetime Achievement Award ' Ramchargers: Thomas T. Coddington, Hartford (Mike) Buckel, Jim Thornton, Dick Maxwell (Posthumous), Dick Jones, M. Barnes Daniels, Gary Congdon, Thomas M. Hoover, David G. Rockwell, John P. Wehrly, Pete McNicholl, Dick Skoglund. Wally Parks Motorsports Statesman Memorial Award: Ernie Schorb. Ronnie Sox Memorial Award: R. Jack Ashley (Jack Strader) Woody Andrews Memorial Award: The Gusler Racing Family. Spirit of Drag Racing Award: 'Hemi' Fred Ristagno

For additional information call Vance County Tourism at (866)438-4565 (toll free)/ (252) 436-2222 Ext 21 (local) or visit www.eastcoastdragtimeshalloffame.com


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