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Nov 18, 2010

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NHRA Pro Stock "Romeo Brothers Racing" Filming to Begin in January 2011

By Ralph Romeo ~ Photos by goDragRacing.org

Producer, Inspiration and Actor of the upcoming NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racing Movie, left to right, Joe Carlin, Ralph Romeo (Bowtieone), and Eddie Tunick. Drag Racing goes to Hollywood!

Writer / producer / director Joe Carlin's next film will cover NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racing. The film, which stars Eddie Tunick, begins shooting in Pomona, CA, in January 2011. Both Carlin and Tunick had been looking feverishly to find a racing team to help obtain the information necessary for the technical side of the script, important to the film's success. The duo didn't have to look too far! The names of Ralph Romeo (AKA "Bowtieone") and his sons Steven, Tommy, and Michael (AKA "The Real Pep Boys") of Colmar, PA, kept coming up over and over again.

Steve Romeo is the wild man of the bunch!

When Carlin met Ralph at the shop, they spent hours talking about race cars, and the many races Michael had won in 2009 and 2010 in the 10.0 Index class. Tommy also had won an 8.50 race at Atco, NJ, in his first season, and Steve won a 10.0 race at Atco as well. Carlin was impressed with Romeo’s knowledge of Pro Stock racing, which Romeo credited to an impressive list of racers including Kenny Koretsky (aka Captain Chaos), Eddie Guarnaccia (long time pro stock racer and crew chief and also his cousin), Warren Johnson (aka The Professor), Joe Lepone, Jr., and Larry Lombardo, but also from his best friend Roland Tomaccio. When Carlin found that the team had no major sponsor, he determined that it was a “match made in heaven" for his project.  Carlin decided to sponsor the team for "THE SHAKEDOWN AT E-TOWN" event.

Mike Romeo, of the Romeo Brothers racing team and inspiration (with his family) for the upcoming movie.

The new partnership’s first joint venture was at "THE SHAKEDOWN AT E-TOWN" in Englishtown, NJ. Mike Romeo qualified fifth out of 60 cars vying for the 32 car field. Steven Romeo just missed the bump. "Hey, that's racing," said Ralph Romeo, a 40 year veteran and innovator of the sport. "You can't help eatin', breathin', and sleepin' this sport once it grabs you," added Ralph. Carlin agreed, "Hey, I wasn't expecting to become a motor head when I started this project, but I'm hooked!"

On Sunday October 10th, Eddie Tunick attended the Toyo Tire Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, PA, where he enjoyed the thrills of the NHRA and "The Full Throttle Drag Racing Series," and where he continued to promote his recent movie release, "The Tea Man." Eddie, who has been tagged as "Hollywood's Newest Bad Guy," autographed colored photographs for the race fans.

At Maple Grove, Bob Frey, "The Voice of NHRA Racing," announced that ”The Tea Man" movie starring Tunick would premiere in Philadelphia and Hollywood in late November. More than 50,000 race fans were in attendance and the race was broadcast worldwide to millions of people on ESPN. Eddie was absolutely overwhelmed by the thousands of friend requests on his Facebook page and he loved the huge response from NHRA racing fans the world over.

Tommy Romeo is also part of the family's racing spectrum.

Tunick was accompanied by his personal friend and business partner Ralph Romeo, President and CEO of RMS Enterprises LTD. Eddie used the Maple Grove appearance to continue researching his next movie role, depicting the real life story of an NHRA drag racer climbing his way through the ranks of the "Full Throttle Racing Series." Filming for the new movie begins early in 2011 in Pomona, CA.

View the Eddie’s current movie trailer at  http://www.theteamanmovie.com/

Eddie Tunick E-Mail: hollywoodbadguy@gmail.com     See Eddie Tunick on Facebook

Stay tuned for updates by TEXTING theteaman to 90210.

Text: bowtieone to 90210 for more information on Romeo Brothers Racing.

Romeo Brothers Racing E- Mail: rromeobowtieone@comcast.net


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