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Oct 4, 2007

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IHRA Names New Media Relations Director

Mike Perry, who has been with IHRA and Live Nation-Motorsports for three years, has been named IHRA’s new Media Relations Director.

Perry, a Kent State University graduate, will be responsible for facilitating all IHRA’s local and national media coverage as well as the development and execution of new marketing plans for IHRA’s Knoll Gas Nitro Jam.

Perry came to IHRA with a background in print media, having spent 18 years in the daily newspaper business as a sportswriter. IHRA brought him on board to take on duties as Editorial Director for Drag Review Magazine. He will now be asked to draw on his experience working with print and broadcast media to increase the status and perception of IHRA Drag Racing and the Knoll Gas Nitro Jam.

“I am thrilled with this great opportunity,” Perry said. “We have a very good media plan in place here at IHRA, but with my particular skill set and experience working with the major players in most media outlets I know there are great things ahead for this company. Working with the track operators and drivers this is going to be a fantastic journey. Much is expected of me and I have every confidence I will exceed expectations and bring IHRA drag racing to new heights. The team in Norwalk is incredible to work with and I have been provided all the tools I need. Now it’s time to get busy and have some fun.”

IHRA President Aaron Polburn thinks Perry is the right person for the job.

"Sometimes things just happen and although Mike was a great Editorial Editor for DRM, he has shined in his new role,” Polburn said. “He has set some lofty goals but if his early contributions are any indication, he will far exceed them."

Perry’s duties as Media Relations Director began Monday, October 3.


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