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Apr 12, 2012

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Pluchino Hitches a Ride

Text by Toyse Woody ~ Photo by ADRL

Pluchino Racing had their best showing at the first race of the season in Houston, Texas. John was able to win their first Extreme Pro Stock race after competing for several seasons.

Over the winter, Pluchino Racing decided to race the entire schedule and their goal was to win at least one race plus finish in the top eight. Despite not having a sponsor or a big budget, John set out for Houston always believing you gotta be in it to win it. This win was a team effort and Pluchino Racing would like to thank some very important people who made it possible.

Johnny, John's son, is the drive behind John.

"I stopped racing when Johnny was 8 years old so I could dedicate my time to his Junior Dragster racing. Johnny did an awesome job and won several championships. Johnny finished Junior Dragster racing he insisted that I go back to racing. He now helps me make all the calls on the car and is doing his best to push me out of the driverís seat " John said .

Bill's job is from the firewall forward, the tires, parachutes and he helps me drive to and from the races.

Brud is an all around person and he helps wherever he is needed from the engine to the parachutes.

Without these people John could not race this his Extreme Pro Stock car.

"This is an all volunteer team and everyone takes time off from their jobs to come racing with me and for that I must thank them" John said.

Pluchino Racing have met a lot of great people racing in Extreme Pro Stock and made some good friends. There is one team that has gone above and beyond for Pluchino Racing and they are considered more than just friends.

"Team Aruba knew that I could not take the time off from work to attend the race in Texas so they offered the use of their transporter to bring my car to Houston and allowed us full use of their equipment." John stated .

Ven and Trevor Eman along with their entire Team Aruba crew made it possible for Pluchino Racing to be at ADRL CarSafe Dragpalooza VIII in Houston Texas  and surely helped with the win.

"I want to extend a special thank you to the entire Aruba team because they are truly a class act. " John said .

John Pluchino Racing is in need of marketing partners & sponsorship. If your interested in joining a team/family of wonderful people who eat, sleep & think drag racing 24/7 please consider getting involved with John Pluchino Racing.


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