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May 27, 2011

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Text by the Quarter Mile Foundation

The headline defines the challenge facing the Quarter Mile Foundation to produce the PROJECT 1320 documentary film series on the drag racing's history.
THE KEY: First person interviews of the surviving pioneering legends to gain an "I was there..." perspective of the "What, Who, Why When, Where, How" of the sport's development.
THE CHALLENGE: Age and physical health of the remaining legends.
We cannot outrun death. It cannot be cured. Consequently, for the PROJECT 1320 to be an effective historical retrospective of drag racing (and the performance automotive aftermarket it generated), the interview film crews must get to these individuals before it is too late. It many cases it is already too late for our legends that are no longer with us. This is should be a huge eye opener to us for those that remain.
One of drag racing's blessings is the relatively short period of time it has been in existence. This fact provides the Foundation with a truly unique opportunity to capture these narratives from the sport's pioneering legends. Few major motorsports can access their "founding fathers" and influential figures as drag racing can.

THE OPPORTUNITY: Bluntly, the success of this documentary undertaking depends upon securing funding. The cornerstone of the effort is to get the interviews done.
The Foundation is seeking support from a wide range sources: from race fan and automotive enthusiasts, grants and industry companies; as well as sales of branded products such as caps, t-shirts and the like.
The Foundation has utilized (and will continue to do so as much as possible) major drag racing and industry events to conduct interviews, which reduces travel and overhead costs, but much more needs to be done. Some legends cannot travel to these events because of health or other situations.
Your support and belief in the Foundation's Mission will make it possible to dedicate time and resources to bring the mission to completion. This will also rapidly close the window to reach the legendary figures of the sport and the performance industry before it is too late. Death has taken many of our pioneers and will continue to do so; for those remaining your donation will secure those oral histories for generations to come.
The need to tell the story about the sport and the industry it built is long overdue. The younger generation which follows in the legends' footsteps need to understand the effort and the sometimes brutal sacrifices that were made.
If the Foundation does not get the recollections of the pioneering legends - of their careers, plus tell the stories of their peers who have already died, these first-hand stories will never get recorded. And, all of us will be poorer for it!

Together, united as one in honor of those that gave of this great sport and industry, we will be able to share and preserve forever the stories of the brilliant pioneers which helped to shape an American culture and traditions. Their stories are the stories of the American dream, creating greatness from nothing but their seemingly impossible dreams. The spirit of innovation, fearlessness, technological exploration, competition, and entrepreneurship is still alive today, and more important than ever as we move into the 21st century.
The Quarter Mile Foundation and its PROJECT 1320 will celebrate the history of these pioneers because, in knowing where we came from, we can understand our future.
Your support is vital! Become a part of this crusade by donating at www.project1320.com . For every $2500.00 dollars donated a pioneer's interview is secured!
Let's win this race for our Pioneers! NOW is the time to give back for all that they have given to us.
Become a part of sharing our history, for today, tomorrow and the future generations!
Donate options:
Or mail your order donation by check/money to:
Quarter Mile Foundation
6210 Beverly Drive
Parma Heights, OH 44130-2910
Visit Quarter Mile Foundation - Project 1320 at:


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