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May 27, 2008

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Adam Framholc Pro Stock Odyssey: Part 2

Text By David Framholc

There are currently 8 Episodes of the web documentary about Pro Stock racer Adam Flamholc available on youtube.com, with more to come. The next ones (up to 13) will cover Adam's trip to the US where he was testing in Valdosta, GA, and then participating at the Gatornationals, Gainesville, FL, in mid March this year.

Since then he's been racing in Sweden and now this weekend participated in the FIA series at Santa Pod, Poddington, UK. I've filmed throughout and episodes of these latest events will be uploaded  within the next two weeks.

I will continue to film Adam's racing throughout the European Championships and again next year when hopefully he heads over to the US to race again. In the meantime I'm working on expanding the project to include the whole European Pro Stock line-up, with which I'm building confidence and getting more acquainted with at every race.

My interest in filming Adam is really based on the technology and precision of the Pro Stock class and the hard decisions they have to make. I try to follow the problem solving in detail to stay close to the work on the motor and the different set ups they've worked with. Adam is very humble and happily admits that he still has got a lot to learn about Pro Stock and that he has fewer spare parts and knowledge than other teams. Nevertheless he's very confident that he'll win the European Championships this year. This is so far a true Pro Stock underdog story, hopefully with a happy end :)

The links to current episodes and trailers are:







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