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Contribute to Draglist.com!

You write, you shoot, you film -- we print!

We are always searching for new stories, pictures, AND movies! If you have a drag racing memory you want to share with your fellow racers or drag fans, send it in! If you have taken a good photo or video clip, send it in! If you are good at drawing or painting drag racing machines, scan your work and send it in!

All work has to be YOUR property! If you don't know who wrote the story or who took the photo or video clip, please DON'T send it. If you purchased a print from a photographer, tell us who they are so we can check with them for permission.

Photos, pictures, and video clips should be clear and good, but we will consider EVERYTHING! When in doubt about the quality of an item, send it in!

For writing, do the best you can with spelling, grammar, and all that stuff, but don't let it hold you up from sending the story. We edit stories every day and we can take care of that for you. Stories can be long or just a paragraph or two. We are trying to capture the drag racing experience from ALL angles, so send us your story! If you can send photos with your story, that would be GREAT!

ALL work will be credited to the author, photographer, or artist. In most cases, this should be YOU! If not, let us know as described above. Unless you tell us not to, we will add a link to your email address and/or website address so our readers can contact you about the work.

Let's make The Drag Racing List YOUR site -- send us some content!

Note: Due to our extremely busy schedule, we cannot accept items through the mail nor can we scan or type them for you. We can only accept items you scan and send to us via email.

Note 2: Draglist.com does not have the budget to pay for stories or photos. We are all volunteers and all submissions to Draglist.com will be on a volunteer basis also. We do, however, host upwards of 300,000 visitors a month. If you include your website with your submission, no doubt some of our readers will visit you and maybe even buy a photo!

For quickest consideration of your story, use our Article Manager system. Details here: http://draglist.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=1103

To submit a Story: bilden@draglist.com

To submit a Picture: bilden@draglist.com

To submit a Movie clip: bilden@draglist.com

To submit event updates to the Racing Calendar: http://draglist.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=9

To add a comment to our Guestbook, click: http://www.draglist.com/drlguest.htm

To submit your site to Ultimate Drag Links, click: http://www.draglist.com/links/add_link.html

Email if you have questions: bilden@draglist.com

Thanks! bp

Bill Pratt


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