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Dornbos Reviews - Meet Doug

Meet Doug Dornbos...

Doug Dornbos is another fascinating personality I have met up on the internet News Groups and Mailing Lists. He really grabbed my attention with some unique ideas for drag racing (that quite frankly, scared the hell out of some people, who immediately attacked him). Doug impressed me again by sticking to his guns and calmly explaining his thoughts in the wake of panicked, knee-jerk, overzealous lashing out. 

Another thing Doug does really well is get behind the obvious at a drag race, noticing and reporting on the many things large and small that never get picked up in traditional drag racing reports. The two "reviews" that follow are good examples of Doug's ability to communicate the "flavor" of a drag race. Going forward, I hope to get Doug cranked up on some of those unique drag racing ideas I told you about before. And yes, I will include a place for you to TALK BACK. See ya! bp/drl

Doug lives in Traverse City, Michigan, with his wife and two teen-age sons. He is the Michigan sales representative for The Holland Grill Company and is a member of The Michigan Recycling Coalition, NAMDRA (National American Motors Drivers and Racers Association), and a local Christian church where he also teaches Sunday school. 

Doug has been down the quarter-mile a few times but never competitively. He enjoys studying and discussing technology, politics, and business theory which helps to make drag racing an appealing spectator sport to him. Doug intends to race "once the boys are grown." He is a veteran of several Internet discussion forums and enjoys bringing an alternative point of view to many issues related to racing.


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