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How to Use Draglist Links!

How to use our 10,000+ drag racing links!

Enter the Ultimate Drag Links!

Welcome to our famous Draglist Links, now totaling 10,000 plus! We use the excellent LinksManager system to ensure DAILY updates! These notes will help you get the most out of the LinksManager system. If you need any additional help, contact me at bilden@draglist.com.

Get Linked! With LinksManager, you can suggest new links RIGHT ON THE LINKS PAGE! We check on it daily, see the new suggestions, and get them right up on the page the same day!

Fresh links! LinksManager loads all links constantly to ensure they are still good! If not, it removes them from your view. I then have the opportunity to check them out and reinsert them (in the case of a temporary server outage for the link) or remove them for good!

Pinpoint what you need! LinksManager also adds a bunch of neat, new features that should make your Link Surfing a lot more fun! You can SEARCH through all the links for just the info you need, regardless of what category your desired topic is under. 

Everybody gets to be a star! Each day, LinksManager sorts the links alphabetically, but ADVANCES ONE LETTER OF THE ALPHABET! That means that on day one, sites beginning with "A" are listed first. On day two, sites beginning with a "B" are listed first. This goes on throughout the entire month. No longer will you get buried if your site doesn't begin with a special character or an A...

Be sure to add your site! I will approve it and get it up within 24 hours!

Bill Pratt

Enter the Ultimate Drag Links!


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