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The Hill Files

Meet Jim Hill...

One of the neatest things about being online is all the fascinating people you can meet up on the world's newsgroups, forums, and email lists. One person who consistently caught my attention with fascinating, in-depth studies of drag racing history was Jim Hill. Jim's responses to fellow newsgroup members' questions about drag racing history were so well crafted, so detailed, and so doggone informative, I contacted him to see if I could use this great stuff at DragList.com.

Here was Jim's modest reply:

I have no objection to your using my rambling musings (not so cleverly disguised as stories!) on your site. After all, they didn't cost me anything to write, and are highly effective as recreational therapy for me. Does this mean I should be paying you? I'm confused. Anyway, feel free to use these on only one condition: You must furnish me with your site address!

Actually, I'm pleased that you enjoyed the stories and feel they're of interest enough to others that you would want to include them in your site.

Might I suggest that you include a lead photo of the subject car/driver if you have them and can use them without falling into the legal copyright trap?

In case you've not visited yet, we here have our own site (www.cranecams.com). We've been averaging about 350,000 "hits" per month, which is surprising, as we are strictly informational, no sales, interactive, etc., and it's highly technical. We went on-line in November 97. The history section was taken from my brief "bio" on the company, and gets a high share of visits. What I don't know about web sites would fill several very large volumes, but I've also learned a bunch in the short time we've been up with our site. It's all done internally as well, no outside help so far, and I'm sure some of that shows too.

Jim Hill

Well, never one to pass up a chance to exploit the experiences of a person who combines superb technical prowess with a lifetime spent in motorsports, I jumped at the chance to showcase Jim writings at DragList.com!

Take a look and see if you don't agree with me. This is GREAT STUFF! bp/drl


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