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Drag Racing Lists - Legend

The LEGEND of The Drag Racing List

Draglist.com Lists more than 90,000 racers in 24 drag racing classes. We keep up-to-date and historic records of each racer's world rank, name, hometown, best quarter- or eighth-mile elapsed time and speed, car name, engine CID and make, car year and model, racer competition license number and class, owner name and hometown, crew chief name, transmission type, home state or country, year of Active competition, and interesting notes.

Some Drag Racing Lists contain several classes. Class designators Appear within the Lists. The following information Applies: Outlaw Pro Mod/Unlimited Doorslammer contains quick doorslammers that don't fit into the Pro Stock, legal IHRA Pro Mod, or Sportsman Doorslammer Lists. These include UDRA Pro Stockers, Match Race Pro Mods, Aussie Top Doorslammers, and some Quick 8 Match Racers. 

The Alcohol/Gasoline Altered list contains AA/A and A/A cars. The Sportsman Dragster list contains IHRA Top Dragsters, NHRA Comp dragsters, Aussie Comp dragsters, and quick bracket dragsters. The Sportsman Doorslammer list contains Top Sportsman cars, Competition cars (altered and gas), Aussie Blown Super Stocks, and some Quick 8 bracket cars.

Abbreviations: Rode (Rodeck Chevy); KB or KBC (Keith Black Hemi or Chevy); JP-1 (Joe Pisano Hemi); Chry (Chrysler Hemi or Wedge): Milo (Milodon Hemi); Dono (Donovan Hemi); BNR (Newberry Hemi); BAE (Anderson Hemi); WAR (Austin Hemi); TFX (TFX-1 Hemi); CRE (Conway Hemi); Oddy (Oddy Chevy); Vene (Veney Hemi); Chev (Chevy); Root (Root Ford); Aria (arias Chevy); Font (Fontana Hemi); Yenk (Yenko Chevy); Ford (Ford); McGe (McGee 4-Valve); Buic (Buick); Olds (Oldsmobile); Pont (Pontiac); Seyl (Seyler Ford); Daim (Daimler); Batt (Batten 4-Valve); B-1 (Chrysler wedge); Sain (Sainty 4-Valve); R/R (Rolls Royce); P&W (Pratt & Whitney); T (turbo). 

Trannies: 0 - Direct Drive. 1 or 2 - Automatic. 2, 3, 4, or 5 - shifted (air or manual). 6 - Jet or Rocket (no tranny). Postal Abbreviations show state names or countries.


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