Lucas Oil ?

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Lucas Oil ?

Postby Deborah-WFO » Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:13 am

Lucas Oil to Sponsor Bluebaugh Racing in 2011 Season 8)

By Deborah-WFO, February 2011

Bluebaugh Racing is proud to announce that Lucas Oil will be joining us in the 2011 racing season as a team sponsor. Bluebaugh said “We are really excited about the addition of Lucas Oil to our team. We have tried many different oil products over the years and Lucas Oil’s product line is top quality. It does make a difference in which oil you choose to both the performance and parts longevity in a racing engine. Lucas Oil has a higher content of specially blended oils and protective additives that are test proven in application.”

Crew Chief Deborah Woodard said “When we really looked into why Lucas Oil works, we found engine oils high in zinc, which is instrumental to maximum protection. We have decided to use Lucas Oil’s Engine Break in Oil after every rebuild. It contains 3634 ppm zinc content, phosphorus, and a special blend of oils critical to both valve train performance and seating the rings. Nitrous engines are particularly hard on rings. If we can get them to seat faster, seal up, and last longer, the engine will make more horsepower with a simple change of oil. In discussion with Tom Bogner, Motor Sports Manger for Lucas Oil, he stated that he has seen some impressive horsepower gains with the special blends added in Lucas’s racing oils.”

Lucas 20w-50 Plus Racing Oil lowers oil temperatures by up to 40 degrees and was originally developed in short track NASCAR tests. “We again found zinc and higher content of protective additives.” Its high lubricity is especially resistant to oil dilution created by racing fuels by 50% greater than other racing oils.

Bluebaugh said “We have always used Lucas Oil in our transmission and rear end with great result. Despite a lot of abuse parts are lasting a long time, which saves money and gets us down the track with greater reliability. A new product that we are excited to try is the Extreme Pressure Valve Train Synthetic Grease. The grease has been developed to withstand extreme heat and mechanical pressure using a special bonding agent to keep metal parts separated. This will be important to the wear and life of our camshaft, pushrods, lifters, and rocker arms during start up.”

In 2008 Lucas Oil improved their testing capacities with a new state of the art laboratory. The company uses infrared spectroscopy for quality control, reverse engineering, and new product development. In the lab, technical staff measure kinematic viscosity, determine flash points of flammable and combustible materials, test new and used oils for metal content with X-Ray Florescence, and they use a state of the art table top density meter to determine pounds per gallons in finished products and raw materials. Base oils and additive systems are carefully selected in house to create the highest quality and highest performing lubricants and fuel treatment. Lucas Oil strives to exceed the demands of the racing industry. Years of industry leading research and development that has gone into Lucas Oil racing products has as well found its way into everyday use automotive products.

Bluebaugh Racing is looking forward to a great year ahead with Lucas Oil and we want to thank them for joining our team, granting us a place in their sponsorship program, and for supporting many different racing venues at all levels.



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Re: Lucas Oil ?

Postby F/C Girl » Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:40 pm

Congrats!! That's Awesome!!
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