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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

How to Promote Nostalgia Racing

By Jack Olcott

The way to preserve a showcase for our sport is to form groups regionally in order to present the track promoter a viable program to promote. True, spectators are spoiled and will only pay to see Top Fuel, Funnies, or Pro Stocks and Jets. But if a group can muster up 40 or so nostalgia cars, a track will allow it to run in conjunction with either their regular show or as a "filler" for another feature. What is important to us is to preserve our type of racing -- no electronics, no snorkel hood scoops, no wings, etc., on vintage appearing drag cars.

Both NETO and my group, MANDRA, have proven that the united front does work. Some tracks have even put up small purses for us to race for. We also ask local auto-related businesses to sponsor races during the year, to provide a small purse, or to pay for the trophies. Each racer contributes to a points fund that is paid out at year-end. We are usually able to negotiate much lower entry fees, since we can provide an "extra" batch of cars the track would not normally see. We race for the fun and camaraderie of being with people who share our love of racing the way it used to be. MANDRA runs a 12-race schedule from May through October, and I believe NETO has the same type of deal. That leaves time for family and other things during the season, and does not make it a "chore." 

Follow our lead and form your own groups. It takes time but it's worth it. You all know racers in your own geographic areas. Contact them and have a meeting. If all we do is complain about not having a place to race and take no action to form a group, we WILL wind up with no place to race in a few years. Feel free to contact me if you want a copy of our guidelines and rules format. These can always be modified to suit your group's needs.

Jack Olcott
Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Drag Racers Association


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